Wednesday, February 16, 2011

#ThTh: A blogging marvelous month

Yesterday was Midlife Singlemum's four-week birthday and Saturday will be my one-month birthday. It's time to review, take stock and thank the friends who have helped me get this far - and it feels very far even though it's only a month.

In sociology they say that where there are no rituals, a community creates its own. I was confused at first when everyone called their weekend posts: Silent Sunday. Then I got it and I like it even though I am no photographer and, being Jewish, Saturday is my day of rest. Also thanks to Ella at Notes From Home for explaining to me that #FF on Twitter is Follow Friday where you recommend who to follow. I now know about Carnivals (especially at The Friday Club), Blow your own blog-horn and The Gallery (is that a potential link or do you just post whenever you feel like it? Note to self: Learn how to link to specific pages). So I've decided to add #ThTh: Thank you Thursday. Here is my first #ThTh post and please feel free to share the idea. I am also celebrating my new link know-how, thanks Ella again for the tutorials. If any of the links are wrong or don't work - please let me know and I will edit asap.

My good friend and award-winning author, Keren David, blogs about her life as an author and other book/reading/publishing issues and I love it (partly because I'd also like to be an award-winning author but mostly because it's very interesting and well written). I am hooked not only by the content of the blog, but also by the virtual community that manifests itself through the comments below. I have wanted to blog myself for ages but I couldn't think of an interesting angle. Funny how you can be so embedded in your niche that you don't even realise you have one. Thank you Keren for all the 'setting up' advice. Keren Wisdom: Start with the basics and play with it as you go along. You can add stuff as you discover it. Don't overfill your blog site with adverts - you'll lose credibility as a writer and it's annoying. Twitter and Facebook are great ways to spread the word - essential in fact.

Thanks to my friend and neighbour Hipstermom for all the advice gleaned as we walk our children to and from the nursery. Hipstermom Wisdom: Join the conversation. Commenting on other people's blogs helps you become part of the blogging community. And, hopefully, they'll read you back.

Thanks to all the blogging mums. You can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it all. At first I googled and found mostly American sites. I liked some of these but found that I was more drawn to the British mums (being a Brit myself even though we live in Jerusalem). I managed to post a blogroll but, as yet, can only include blogs on blogger. The ones I am enjoying at the moment are: Notes From Home, Almost True, Mummy's Little Monkey, She Was Not At All Domestic, Three Bedroom Bungalow in Crazyland, The White Approach and A Place of My Own. I also appreciate and admire Helloitsgemma, Mum in the Madhouse and Perfectly Happy Mum. As soon as I work out how I will add them to my blogroll.  All are inspiring in their own way. I want to live parts of their lives (a house in the country, a career in London - or just a career, being a writer) and parts make me count my blessings (health - mine and DD's, friends, family). And there are others that I am attracted to but have not yet explored.

After years of avoiding social network sites I admit that I am enjoying both Twitter and Facebook. I never understood how people could waste so much time on the internet. How much wikipedia can you read? How much amateur singing and other mishaps can you endure on You Tube? I just didn't get it. The other night I sat down to do some work and, before you could say 'request as a friend,' I had wasted five hours (yes five hours!) twittering and blogging and facebooking. And today I had six whole hours free to write this blog and do housework. I now have two hours left for the housework. (Note to self: Be careful. Be very careful!)

Lastly, the writing, which of course should come first - and I think it did initially... Seriously though, I am enjoying it immensely. It's cathartic and exhilarating at the same time. Also, surprisingly, visiting moments from the past sometimes gives a fresh insight - Why did it take me over four years to send an apology to L after I was so rude to her? (see: Making my Peace with Donor Sperm. Note to self: Learn how to link to own specific pages.) And, being a numbers person, I am trying not to get too obsessed with the number of followers and page views.

So that's my Thank you Thursday. Now I just have to find the patience not to publish this post until midnight tonight as it is still only Wednesday. Oh what the heck...


  1. Yay, the links worked brilliantly!

    Happy blog birthday, what a lovely post summing up everything that's lovely about blogs and social networking. I like the idea of #ThTh, I will have to think of one for next week as I'm out tomorrow(can I add to to my Bloggers' Diary so I remember?)

  2. Thanks Ella (even though it's still not Thursday). Yes please do put it in the diary - I tried to link to the badge but as yet no joy. I will in time master it all!

  3. Thank you so much for including me in such a great post and yes, be careful, be very careful social networking is VERY addictive indeed xx

  4. Don't I know it! I now have one hour left before pick-up time and I'm still on the bloody computer.

  5. great post. Twitter and blogging can take over your life! I love the window on your life, I love the internationality of blogging - I get caught up in my own 'weekend' and day of rest, and forget things are different for others.
    thank you so much for the mention, am thrilled.
    tip: most people have a subscription button on their blog just click and subscribe, either via email or RSS (I have no idea what RSS is).
    Keep blogging, the readers come, you are doing all the right things. X

  6. Thanks Gemma. I have a subcribe button on the right but no RSS feed. I've seen it but don't know exactly what it is. Maybe I'll try adding it (if it's in my template somewhere) and see what happens. It's all a bit magic to me.

  7. If you want to link to a specific page or blog post, click on the title of the post and that will give you the permalink of the post (as opposed to the main link to someone's blog). Then in your own post, when you press the link button you can copy in the permalink of the post you want to link to and that will link it to that page!

  8. Next blog I'm going to contrive a specific page link to something. You have to understand that I can wait for weeks to change a lightbulb - and I only do it eventually if no male friend has visited during that time. I'm a bit of a techinical wimp. I know I can do all these tings - I just don't enjoy it. I'd rather make a cup of tea. Thanks for the instructions though.

  9. Happy Blog Birthday (it is Jen from The Mad House), thank you so much for mentioning me. I was just popping over to see if you had registered for the Tots100 at

  10. Thanks Jen. Tots 100 is next on my list. Have a good day - Rachel