Friday, April 8, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award and Thank you Thursday

I missed doing my Thank you Thursday last week as DD was pinned to my lap for three days with (we think) blocked sinuses. Even when she fell asleep she somehow sensed if I tried to put her down on the bed. Anyway, we got through that. Then last night I lay down with her at 7.30 until she fell asleep (about 8pm) and the next thing I knew, it was 4am. However, it was all obviously  meant to be as this morning, when I opened my emails, I had mail from EmVi at Insaniacs Anon telling me she'd given me a Kreativ Blogger Award. So now I'm delighted to dedicate my Thank you Thursday to EmVi and also to spread the love.

Most Kreativ Blogger badges link back to the person who gave the award, if they link at all. I wanted to find the origin and the nearest I got was an explanatory blog by Simon Food Favourites in Australia, who also went searching for the source. So I have taken the original badge and linked it to Simon - Thank you Simon. Simon actually found the source but his link was a dead website and anyway, it seems it was written in Norwegian - hence the spelling.


The rules, the badge, and even the raison d'etre of the award seems to have changed over the years. The original  badge was a home-made piece of art and intended to link to artistic and other creative endeavours. But hey, writing is creative too. The original rules called for 7 things about yourself and 7 links to other blogs to pass on the award. Now they want 10 of each. I guess 7 - 10 is good.

So here are 10 things about myself:

1. I also love lists (EmVi wrote this too). I am known as the list lady. I spend more time organising the timetable for work to be done than I spend actually doing the work. Crossing completed jobs off the list is more delicious to me than chocolate.

2. Re: chocolate. I'm impartial. Ditto for most cookies, cakes, and desserts. In any cullinary situation I go for the savoury. Cheese sandwiches and chips are the best, closely followed by pasta and anything with a vinigrette or cheesey sauce.

3. I waited a long time to be a mother. My friends are making weddings for their children. But at no time in my adult life did I not believe that I would be a mother in the end. It was simply not an option for me to be childless and I would have followed every route until I got there. Every disappointment along the way was a frustratiing delay and just that.

4. I moved from England to Israel 23 years ago. I love my life here but I still have one foot back in Old Blighty. Home is two places and it probably always will be even if I were to move back.

5. I love numbers. I get a kick out of dates such as 11/11/11 etc... I see the symmetry in numbers, I compare the difference between two numbers, I weigh myself every day (at least once), I keep track of my spending, I watch my number of followers, pageviews, Tots 100 ranking (it went down spectacularly this month : - (  ), and Klout Score with glee and anticipation.

6. I appreciate music with a melody (no heavy metal or Modern Symphony for Cymbals and Whistle) and have been writing, 'learn to play the piano,' on my New Year Resolutions list for the past 18 years. I even have an electric keyboard in the house, set up and ready to play. My two year old doesn't even know that it works.

7. I'd like to be an author. Well wouldn't we all? I think I never got over the fact that Heidi had already been written by Johanna Spyri.

8. I am a home-maker. I love arranging the furniture and making it look nice. I love being in it. I chose to cobble together a number of WAH projects rather than spend most of my week in an office.

9. I am trying to 'write my own ticket.' This is a phrase I learned from friend and one time teacher, Ben Goldfarb, a professional life-coach. It means I live my life on my terms. I work from home and I am my own boss. It's not only a control thing, it is also less stressful when you are a single parent with no family in the country. All plans have to be flexible. It doesn't matter how important a meeting at the office is if DD is sick - I am the only one on call.

10. I love blogging. I started this blog on January 19th and have got so much out of it, including a whole community of online friends. Some people do amateur dramatics or karaoke. Some play sport or paint. I blog.

And here are my list of bloggers to whom I would like to pass on the Kreativ Bloggers Award. They are all from my Blog List that appears on my blog page. How convenient to have the latest posts pop up on my page each day. No searching around Twitter, FB, emails, Google, etc... So thank you to each of you for being part of my new blogging life and please accept the award without any obligation to participate. In no particular order:

1. Helloitsgemma - The voice of reason and common sense in a world of ..... well, unreason and little common sense.
2. Notes From Home - Ella manages to live the dream (well part of it is my dream - the big family living in the English countryside) even with some very big challenges in their lives. Inspiring.
3. Raising an American - An hilarious account by an expat Brit living in the USA, coming to terms with the fact that her toddler is growing up into an American.
4. The White Approach - I used to dream about colour schemes but now I just want white with delicate accent colours.
5. What me worry? A midlife view of the Mideast - A wry and witty account of bringing up a family in a war zone.
6. Folk Art Papercuts by Suzy Taylor - The most amazing and intricate picture cut-outs. Less writing and more pictures, but I love each and every piece. And she is a mummy aswell.
7. Almost True - The blog for aspiring authors by award winning author Keren David. Also a mummy aswell.
8. Creating Motherhood - For an American perspective on single motherhood.
9. Mummy's Little Monkey - A great blog with  lots of photos. And thank you for the generosity of Blow Your Own Blog Horn every Friday.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.


  1. Great Post
    Thank you so much for thinking of me for this award. I would love to accept it, I have though already done a similar meme on my other blog

    I will try to think of something appropriate to the white approach to take part though.
    Karen xx

  2. thanks for the link back. i've found a corrected link for that one that didn't work :-)

  3. Thanks for the mention, although your rank when down, did you check if your score went up?

  4. Oh hello, nice to meet you via your blog. I came here via Blow Your Own Bloghorn and I'll be back. So you're an expat too eh? So am I -for the third time! I moved from NZ to England with my three kids, dog, cat and boxes of books all because of a man I met on holiday in Paris. :-) x

  5. Thanks Karen - you really don't have to do this. It was more important to choose blogs I like than pick out the ones I thought would pass it on. Anyway, this award seems to have a life of its own.

    Simon - I'm intrigued to see if it really is in Norwegian. Thanks, and thanks for your blog post about it.

    Madhouse - you are right, my score more than doubled! Thanks for telling me to look, I didn't know you could.

    Vegemitevix - nice to meet you too. I'll stop by although marmite really is better ;)

  6. Thanks for the plug. See you at seder then.
    Shabbat Shalom

  7. I love reading these facts about people, they are so interesting! Found you through the blog hop- I am new to blogging and a new follower. :)

  8. Thank you so much.

    I love what you wrote about lists! I spend more time writing them than doing things on them too :)

  9. Wow I am so impressed you looked into the origin of the kreativ blogger award. I spent hours trying to get a link on my picture to give up in the end and just left the pic. I am hopeless with technology and usually only manage to do something out of sure stuborness at trying everything! Love reading the list and very pleased I'm your thankyou thursday.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Had to delete - too many typos :)

    David - We're looking forward to it.

    Mrs E - Nice to meet you and thanks for popping in. Next time at your place.

    Ella - Always a pleasure.

    EmVi - It's a process. I was hopeless at the beginning, you learn as you go along. I had a lot of fun with this so really thank you. - Rachel

  12. thank you so much for mentioning me - Oh gosh I better get on an do it!
    love finding out a bit more about you, as always very honest and interesting.
    you are a brilliant advert for 'follow your dreams'