Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank you Thursday: A Blogging Brilliant Idea!

What's the definition of a brilliant idea? For me it's the solution you couldn't think of yourself. Sometimes you don't even know you are looking for a solution. Sometimes you don't even know there is something that needs solving. Then you see or hear of something that someone else has instigated and you suddenly realise that this is a solution for you too. What a brilliant idea!

In my case I knew that I was searching for an answer to the following two questions for my blog: 1) How can I organise the IVF Journey posts into a place or system so that anyone who is interested primarily in this topic, can access them without having to scroll through every post? And 2) What can I use the stand-alone pages for?

I had tried to merge the two questions into a mutually beneficial solution. Originally, I thought I could publish all the IVF posts in one of the pages under a separate tab. I also wanted to use another page for short stories. Then I realized that the stand-alone pages are just one page. You can't use them as parallel blogs. I've seen how other bloggers use the pages to write more about themselves, about any clubs or carnivals that they host, their blogging policies vis-a-vis advertising and promotions. All good stuff, but it didn't solve my problem.

Then, last Sunday, I recieved a tweet on my twitter homepage from @kateab. She was looking for her one millionth follower or something and someone I am following retweeted her. We entered into a short correspondance (soon joined by @jax2000 from Mummy's Little Monkey, whom I'm already following) about the nature of friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook. After that I obviously had to check out @kateab and her blog: The Five Fs Blog. I enjoyed the blog and, while I was rummaging around in it, I found the brilliant idea. It was only Sunday and  I could hardly contain myself until Thursday to write this post.

Kate has used the stand-alone pages to list links to all her posts on specific topics. She has one for Health and Fitness as this is one of her passions. One of the pages lists all her posts that contain recipes. You get the idea? Maybe I'm being naive and loads of people have this system set up. However, for me it is a revelation. So thank you Kate for your brilliant idea. I feel as though I've just got planning permission for an extension. Watch this space for a few new fab tabs.


  1. Aww, thanks for the mention. I'm sure I nicked it from somewhere else! But you're welcome to use it.

  2. she is very fab that Kateab - glad you found her.

  3. I agree Gemma, she's on the blog list. Must go now and speak to an architect about my blog estension ;)