Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thank you Thursday: Linked Up to the Eyeballs

The past couple of weeks has been a blogging adventure for me. I have joined the wonderful world of blog carnivals and memes. In some ways it seems as if my blog has taken on a life of its own and I am clinging on to its coattails as it runs away in its own direction.

My first meme was Tracks of my Years by Jen at Mum in the Madhouse. I'm not a big follower of pop-music but there have been some memorable songs that conjure up specific moments in my past. Jen invited people to join in and even provided a linky. So Diana Ross and I did a post together with Jen's help in teaching me how to paste in clips from YouTube.

A couple of weeks ago I sent a contribution to Jax at Making It Up for her Learning to Read carnival. I'd never joined a carnival before but reading is my subject, so I sent in my post on What Bedtime Stories Do and how they can set your child up for success in education and life.

Next Emma at Me, The Man & The Baby asked for articles for her Brit Mums carnival: Travelling with Children. DD and I have flown four times together in the past two years as we live a continent away from all our family. I felt well qualified to write a piece about Flying alone with a baby or toddler.

Then last week the Friday Club carnival from Ella at Notes From Home asked me to write about why I live where I do. I couldn't resist as this is a really emotive subject for me. The links posted at the bottom of each entry provide the means for a proper blog-hop. I was fascinated and read all 16 posts in one sitting.

Finally, today I was tagged in a meme by Mich at Mummy From The Heart. It's a really worthwhile meme encouraging support for the Save The Children campaign: Born to Die. I will try to write this up later although I have already signed the petition to world leaders that will be presented on June 13th at the Global Vaccines Summit. They need all the clout they can muster to get every child vaccinated against illnesses that are 100% avoidable and yet are killing children in poor countries.

And of course, every Friday I Blow Your Own Blog Horn over at Mummy's Little Monkey. Thanks Jax.

So my Thank you Thursday is to all my fellow bloggers mentioned above, who have drawn me in to the community of blogging mothers. Thank you for making me feel like I'm not just writing to myself. Thank you for providing feedback, encouragement, support, and even tuition. Thank you from the woman who asked her friend a mere four months ago: But what exactly is a blog for?


  1. What a lovely post! I'm glad you have found even more of a community through carnivals and memes x

  2. Thanks Ella. Carnivals. memes, galleries, blog-hops, linkies - what's next?

  3. Yay! Your blog is really taking off. Good on ya... enjoy :-)

    A blog is like a plant though.. you have to keep nourishing it and it's a fickle thing too! Soemtrhing I've found anyway!

    It's a wonderful environment for meeting new people worldwide and a great outlet for us, isn't it?

    Enjoy the fun ;-)

    xx jazzy

  4. Thanks Jazzy. Re: fickle, tell me about it. I lost a follower yesterday (no idea who) and my Klout score slipped. *looks round flat for interesting subject for Silent Sunday* However, I am having a great time with my new hobby.