Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting A Grip 1: Yummy Mummy Inside

Back in February I wrote a post excusing myself (and everyone else) from doing anything until March 1st. My excuse was that February is the Monday morning of the year so no wonder we are all fed up and depressed. Unfortunately March 1st came and went, as did April 1st and May 1st. I really did mean to make some big changes starting June 1st, but alas, this too has passed.

I am not depressed, I'm not completely out of control, I'm not putting on weight (just not losing any), and, most importantly, I'm not neglecting my daughter. The point is - I'm not doing much of anything else either. It's time to get a grip and make some big changes around here. So this is the first of a series of  'Gettting A Grip' posts.

As an older mother (48 with a 2yo daughter) I could, even without having been a child bride, have children the age of some of the other parents at DD's nursery. At the moment I do, so I am told, look younger than my age. However, there is no getting away from the fact that I will be 51 when DD starts 1st Grade. I am determined not to look like a poor old granny standing at the school gates - for DD's sake as well as my own pride. There are many enviably attractive women in their 50s. At this age every 10kg (22.046lbs) adds on five years in appearance. Whilst not quite obese (but clearly overweight), I could, in theory, look 10 years younger (you do the maths).

Looking three years into the future is a very non-commital way of making changes, so here is something more pressing. It is well and truly summertime. And I live in a country where the daytime temperature will not go below 25 degrees C. (I don't know what that is in English money but it's very hot) until the middle of September. Until now I have managed to avoid the pool and the beach when I'm feeling fat. In fact, a couple of years ago I threw out my one swimming costume as it was about 20 years old. This year, there will be no getting out of getting into the water. I have a 2 1/2yo who is already talking about going swimming. I don't know who is feeding her these radical ideas but, now that she's in the know, I have to go along with it. I will not embarrass her and me (well me then) so I have to act fast.

I have never been vain enough to style my hair, wear make-up regularly, or keep my weight down for any length of time (9 years was my longest slim period as an adult). Exercising is an alien concept to me - aside from chewing. However, I now concede that I need to be a Yummy Mummy to make up for the 20 years that I am tardy in having my child. I owe it to DD to be able to run around with her, go shopping for clothes in a together sort of way, dance with her, and yes - take her to the pool  or beach without it being a major trauma for me. The truth is that I am a Yummy Mummy inside - I just have to let her out.

A number of my friends will snicker if they read this post. How many 1sts of the month have I announced that I am starting a diet? Too many to count or even remember is the answer to that. So why not just do it quietly and talk about when I've got something to say? My theory is that if you announce it to the (blogging) world you jolly well have to deliver. Watch this space - Midlife Singlemum is getting a grip!


  1. Wow! We really do have a lot in common!! We are coming at the same issues from different angles... Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Rosa I recognised you as a soul mate the moment I opened your blog. Thanks for reading me back. Are you on Twitter?