Thursday, June 16, 2011

#ThTh: Paying It Forward

It's all to do with giving a tribute because it is well deserved and not just to say thank you for mentioning and linking to me in your blog. It's wanting you all to get to read some of the excellent blog posts that I have enjoyed over the past week. So first of all my Thank you Thursday goes to Jazzygal for tagging me on this one. That's a paying back (although had she not been the one to tag me, I would have included Jazzygal in my paying it forward). Geddit? Paying it back vs paying it forward!

Not my choice of colours but this is what there is.
My first two recommendations are for the very bored housewife at Very Bored in Catalunya (I did look for a name but this was all I could find) and Nickie at Typecast. Both wrote hilarious parodies of the article by Nancy Dell'Olio. I have linked straight to the said articles. You have to read the original article (transcript here) to get the full effect. I laughed out loud.

Next I recommend Nicki Cawood at Curly and Candid. I only recently found her and 'followed' immediately. Well worth the click.

Number four is Vix at Vegemitevix for opening up the world of Expat Blogging to me as well as Parent Blogging. For excellent writing and wonderful turn of phrase. I have linked directly to her poignant and honest article about the temptations teenagers face today as they go out into the world: Youth is Wasted on the Young.

Finally, a little (because it's new) blog from the north of Israel. Rosa at A Farewell to Horizontal Stripes speaks to the heart of all single mothers of a certain age. And she needs a kick an introduction into the blogosphere.

There are so many more but they said five and, for once, I'm sticking to the rules. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you so much! I know this is part of the game. I really appreciate it. I will work in reciprocal mention in the next week or two...
    Thanks again so much.

  2. Thank you for the mention and link. I shall look forward to doing this on my blog, better get out there and read some blogs. x

  3. Rosa - no pressure, I mainly want you to get a wider readership. You must get on Twitter though.

    VBinC - Great. Thanks.

  4. Rachel thanks for the encouragement. Now on Twitter! How do I follow you? I can't find a link to follow you. Just to tweet a post.

  5. Rosa - put @miflifesinglem in the message box on twitter and send.