Monday, July 18, 2011

Four Weeks Of Dieting

After four weeks of being careful it's time for some feedback and re-goaling. Btw, I know the title says dieting but it really was more a matter of careful eating a la French Women Don't Get Fat - which I firmly believe is the only way to go.

As this is already the beginning of week five, I feel confident enough to share some numbers, i.e. this isn't just a one week wonder and I fully intend never to reach these figures again (in both senses of the word).

On Sunday 19th June I weighed 82kg. This is my personal high-weight without being pregnant. I work in kg as 82 sounds better than 12 stone 13 and you can see the numbers drop in 100g increments (about 1/4 lb). Two weeks later I had dropped 2.6 kg but it was too much and I had to give back 600g the next week. This week I only lost 400g. Disappointing in a way as it is still 200g higher than two weeks ago, but nevertheless, still 1lb down. So I am now 79.6kg (12 stone 7 1/2).

My goal for next week is to see a 78 on the scales. It will mean a bigger effort this week but 700g (1 1/2lbs) is not unreasonable. And tbh I have only been a little bit careful over the past couple of weeeks, not very careful.

So here are my top tips for getting the motivation to actually do it. None of your drink loads of water and weigh yourself once a week as that's all old hat, although it may be effective. My tips are ones I discovered worked for me and were sometimes surprising.

1. I went out and bought clothes. I never buy clothes when I'm fat because a.) it's demoralizing and b.) I resent paying for new gear when I've got a whole wardrobe full of stuff that's too small. However, I was feeling wretched and desperate and that can only lead to one thing - comfort eating. So I bought five large tee-shirts, a skirt and a swimming costume. Not a lot. I already had a couple of pairs of trousers that I was alternating, and a couple of tops. After my modest spree I had enough fresh combinations to wear daily and feel good in. I felt good enough to spur the motivation I needed to look and feel even better.

2. I went swimming. I had to as we were invited to stay with my cousin in Netanya and they have a pool in their building. I've avoided pools for years but I couldn't deny DD the experience (she loved it!) so I bought a cozzy with fitted bits and panelled pieces, and I discovered that a.) no one cares what you look like when you are romping with the kids in the pool and b.) there were far flabbier bodies than mine on show. So I'm already at a weight where it's not desperate and I can take DD swimming when required - half way there really, shame not to continue...

3. I give myself an extra day when necessary. I started on a Sunday and MUMenTUM reports in on a Monday. I give myself that extra day to gain (read lose) a few more grams before having to record the week's progress. It's not a competition where I get to win the car, the year's supply of yogurt and the round the world trip by cheating the other contestents with 8-day weeks. Who cares if my week was actually 8-days?

4. The laptop is my ally. Even if I am watching television (and assuming there is no sewing to do) I have the laptop on my lap and blog about, social network or just play card games. You can't eat if you're with laptop!

5. I only have two meals a day. After coffee in the morning and taking DD to nursery (where she has breakfast) I return home to work. I try to have brunch instead of breakfast and lunch. Then I have an early supper (5.30-6pm) with DD in the evening. It works for me as I've no other adults to fit in with. We always finish supper with some fruit (French women again) and then I clear away everything and clean the kitchen sink (just like the Fly Lady advises). Vey little chance of going back to dirty up my kitchen after that.

6. I drink ice-cold soda water as it feels a bit more special than plain water and you can sip it slowly. It feels very virtuous as well.

This post is linked to MUMenTUM at New Mum Online where several other women are hurtling towards the pool season in supportive unison. Check it out. Thanks Liska!


  1. what a superb upbeat post. I love the pointers and the kg thing.

    I am 95kg. And at my heaviest I am normally 88kg.... the last few months has seen me go bigger than my usual peak.

    Great post, love it.
    Thanks for always being a great support and for linking up.

    Luv & hugs,
    Liska x

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  3. Liska, your comment came through twice so I deleted the second copy (no she didn't write anything offensive readers!).

    I actually went up to 83kg last summer when it was too hot to move and DD was too small to walk anywhere. But I've conveniently forgotten about it :)

    Thanks for commenting and good luck with your own campaign.

  4. must buy myself some new clothes - it's amazing what a difference it can make to how you feel about yourself x

  5. Sounds like you are on track, doing it sensibly and know where you want to be so congratulations.

    I agree with the buying new clothes bit too. There's nothing worse than squeezing yourself into too small clothes to make you feel uncomfortable and bad about yourself. Keep it up :-) x

  6. Thanks QWERTY Mum and WLTBAYMummy - yes the clothes were a great move. Just cheap tee-shirts and a cotton skirt so that I can wera something loose and fresh whilst I lose weight. Looking forward to relagating them to nighties and clean-the-house shirts next year :)!

  7. You're doing really well, inspiring stuff.

  8. Thank you Motherporridge - I'm working on the premiss that if I write how well I'm doikng I have to fulfill the promise.

  9. Well done! Yes very inspiring stuff, must get back on the wagon myself.

  10. A fabulous list Rachel. You are so right about no one caring what you look like in a swimsuit, I am one of those more flabby women in mine! lol

    Mich x

  11. I know Michelle, like so many things - it's the thought of it that is far worse than the reality.

  12. Woops missed your comment Alexander Res - just want to add that it's fun once you get back on the wagon.

  13. Yes I agree lovely positive up beat post, I am avoiding new clothes myself at the moment, I am just trying to fit in my wardrobe full of smaller clothes.

    Dianne x

  14. Thaks Dianne - whatever works for you is your best course of action. Good luck!