Monday, January 16, 2012

I Will

 MUMenTUM, with Liska (New Mum Online), week 2. The fact that I'm posting a week 2 is an achievement in itself. Most of my losing weight efforts last 3 days tops. So after the spectacular 1.5kg (>3lbs) loss of week 1, I am proud to announce that in week 2 I dropped 100g! That's about 1/4 of a pound (not even).

I have no more to add to that other than I will try harder this week. I will not be giving up on this.

I will be turning 50 in September and I will be fabulousand... Before that, however, we will be going to London in the spring to spend time with family and friends. I will want to buy clothes. I will. And there is a long hot summer before September during which I will have to take DD to the pool and the beach. I will have to wear a swimsuit. I will want to enjoy the whole experience rather than dreading it. I will.

I will do my fellow #50Club members proud. JazzyGal and Looking For Blue Sky, both in Dublin, I will stand tall(ish), slim and glam with you both.

I will.


  1. I'm on a similar mission, starting this week, to change my life and my shape for my second 50 years. I will. Too. xx

  2. Blue Sky - I'll change that to we will :)

  3. so hard in January isnt it - you know the Xmas weight needs to go but the will is weak this time of year I find!

  4. I know Alyson but the trouble is that January 1st comes in January. Sod's law.

  5. I was loving loving loving your:
    I WILL
    as I believe in the power of the written and spoken WORD

    then you went and said "I will not let you down"....

    Our subconscious "will" digest and absorb the let you down bit.

    So rephrase that last bit....
    Like at the end of letters they say do not hesitate to get in touch and we read "hesitate to get in touch".

    Don't get me wrong I say the wrong things all the time (it's always easier to notice others doing it LOL).

    Much love, Liska xxxxx

  6. It's funny you should say that Liska because I hesitated over writing it for that very reason. I was trying to think of a way to rephrase it and I had to rush out to work. In the end I just left it - but I wasn't happy with the negative. In fact i'm going back to rephrase it now. Thank you!

  7. Glad you took it the way I intended.
    Liska xx

  8. I will too. Just perfect!

    I am have been reaidng a book on NLP in the last few days and I just got to the bit about how our subconscious hears the negatives even when it is a good thing. So I need to be more mindful of this too and start rephrasing.

    Go girl... Mich x

    (50 is still a girl, right?)

  9. Mich, I've also got the NLP book and I even did a course on it once. Liska was totally right to point it out.

    I'm not actually 50 until September so girl is fine.

    And finally - Yes you will!!!