Friday, January 20, 2012

LifeCircle 3: Taking Action

For this week's LifeCircle assignment we are asked to take two problem areas from last week's Drawing A Line In The Sand and commit to two courses of action for each. The tasks we set for ourselves should be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. Not too challenging but not too easy.

My two lowest scores were for time-management and finances (which is closely linked to my career which, as I wrote, needs developing in a way that generates more income). So here are my commitments in the areas of Time and Money for the next two weeks:

1. Time and Money. I commit to meal planning for the next two weeks in order to save time and money. (This includes not eating extra stuff throughout the day because I'm bored.)

2. Time. I commit to getting up at 6.30 every morning. Here's the rational - I take 30 mins to dress, etc, and wake DD at 7am. We leave for nursery at 7.45 (she gets breakfast there) and I am back home to work from 8.30. This gives me a full 7-hour working day. It also means that DD is ready to go to sleep at 7.30pm, giving me the evening to myself. This wasn't happening when I let her (us) sleep until gone 8 of a morning. Also we can do the morning thing without the stress of being late.

3. Time and Money. I commit to restricting my blogging to the evenings and to using those 7 hours during the day for work related activity.

4. Money. I have just finished a job teaching English for the winter matriculation exams which were last week. I commit to re-joining three English employment websites and searching them every day for suitable work. (I also need to update my CV).

These will be my actions for the next two weeks. They're all SMART and I hope I will be smart too and stick with the programme.


  1. Hm, not sure I like no 3 so much!

    Seriously, sounds like a good set of targets, carefully thought through and chosen.

  2. Thanks Jax - number 3 will be a hard one to stick to but I've been known to waste almost a whole day blogging, fbing and twittering - not good. And I wouldn't have that privilege if I didn't work from home. I'll keep in touch but I won't engage too much during the day.

  3. I'd struggle to find the willpower for some of those, so I'm very impressed! Good luck!

  4. Ha Jay, wait till I've actually done them before being impressed. Thanks for the vote of confidence though. :)

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  6. Your resolve and efficiency frighten and shame me! Out of pure spite, I'm sharing the blog love with you over at my place I expect a witty put-down for my trouble!

  7. M-a M, You have to know that I am the master of making efficient plans and writing lists. When I have actually followed through with it all you have my permission to be impressed. Until then it's just a load of hot air.

    About your blog post - I shall go get my blog love asap. Thank you.

  8. I rarely blog during the day partly cos I know that even a short post can take me ages and that's ignoring twitter and fb. I do have to limit my use of social media so I know how you feel with respect to that.

    And there's me still up at 1.30am.

    1. 1.30am? Loads of time to kill before bedtime - as long as you don't have to be up before 10am that is ;)