Monday, January 2, 2012

My 2012 Mood Board

I've already written a New Year's Eve post in which I describe my almost spiritual approach to the magical night of fresh starts and new leaves. But then I came across, at notSupermum (it's a Blog Hop so go and see some of the others), the idea of expressing my focus for the coming year as a mood board. I couldn't resist. Except for the family picture, all the others are from Google images.
Our family.

European parks with trees and water.
Healthy vegetarian food.
The suppleness, the grace and the lightness of being.

A place to work and time to revisit favourite
books in uncluttered elegance.


  1. Oh, lovely images and I love your comments on each one too. Happy new year, I hope this inspires you this year x

  2. NotSupermum, I even fiddled with the date a bit as I never post more than once a day. I think there may be a sofa missing in the study/library though. I am inspired - thank you.

  3. Ohh how lovely to see you. Great images, I fancy a trip to that park right now.

    Happy New Year, Mich x

  4. Mich - I realised as I was posting it that this may be the first picture of me on my blog. It was actually a yer ago and I've put on more than a bit of weight since then.

    HNY to you xxx

  5. Lovely to read your thoughts about each image.
    Beautiful family pic x
    Happy 2012
    Viv x

  6. Thanks Viv, I really enjoyed doing this one. HNY to you too x.

  7. Happy New Year Rachel x

  8. Thanks Richard and Happy New Year to you and your family xxx.

  9. What a lovely idea! Some great ideas for your year ahead too! Let me know when you are planning on visiting some European Parks! Emma :)

  10. Thanks Emma - I think it's a dream this year rather than something I could actually do, except for the ones in London which we wil be visiting. Thanks for commenting.