Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Purim 2012

I'm not going to go into a long explanation as I explained it all last year - through my tears. But then I took some great photos on the way home which you can see here. And DD finished off the celebrations with a lesson in diplomacy for Mummy.

So I'll just give you today's photos showing that Purim has kicked off again in the usual style...

Unlike last year, DD loved dressing up (as a fairy).

Waiting for the school bus.

There was a Purim Party at nursery.
The staff were all Mini Mouse.
Raheli - the best Nursery Teacher in the world!
Daddies can dress up too.
The most ingenius costume of the day!
A fairy and a princess on the see-saw.
I wish you all a Happy Purim!


  1. Erm... not to sound picky or anything, and maybe it's because I haven't eaten enough chocolate yet this year, but doesn't the halo imply that DD is not a fairy, but rather an angel? Either way, she looks adorable, though. :-)

  2. PL Trollmamma - Good point, but I'm not going to try to tell her that. She's been asking to be a fairy for weeks. (Do angels have magic wands though?)

  3. Hi, Lovely pics, That upside down costume is fab!

  4. Windmill - I know, apparently she'd been planning it all year. Inside is my friend's daughter, Yona.

  5. She looks adorable! Happy Purim! :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Becky - she was so excited. And on Friday she gets to wear it all again for the actual festival.

  7. dd is adorable and beautiful and of course you're allowed to agree - you are her mummy ( and a little biased!)enjoy the celebrations on friday x