Friday, October 12, 2012

Don't All Thunderclap At Once

So about this Thunderclap... Please do all thunderclap at once. We have 9 days left to get another 90 supporters and our combined reach is over 12,000 with only 10 supporters. That means, if we get 100 supporters, the message about International will be sent to about 120,000 people. If we don't reach 100 people within the next 9 days an enormous fat nothing happens.

Michelle with a farmer and her daughter in Ethiopia
I've been blogging about International all week as one of Michelle Panell's (@Michelletwinmum and Mummy From The Heart) ground support team. Michelle herself is on the #ONEMums mission in Ethiopia to see and experience the work that do. They don't initiate programmes themselves but rather they follow up all the promises made by politicians and all the foreign aid donated from around the world to make sure it all happens, and that it happens effectively and honestly.

Please join the thunderclap below. All my posts about #ONEMums (also #ONEMoms) are listed below and each one links back to Michelle's first hand accounts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A mother and her baby from the cooperative of bee keepers
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  1. I've joined this, but I'm shocked that more people have not joined in! It's not exactly difficult and every little bit helps. Well I think so anyway x

  2. I know, I think maybe the letting them have access to your fb abd twitter scared ppl off. Not that millions of pple don't have access anyway and you can revoke permission after the period is over.