Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lend Us Your Voice

Last week I wrote Where You Live Determines If You Live explaining my involvement with ONE International and the #ONEMoms Bloggers In Ethiopia.  Jennifer Howze (@JHowze ofBritMums and Jenography) and Michelle Pannell (@MichelleTwinMum of Mummy from the Heart and Honest Mummy Reviews) have arrived in Addis Ababa and are starting their week of discovery. Meanwhile the Ground Support Team (including me) are ready to virtually follow them and report back. 

Michelle and Jen

Clare from Seasider in the City has started a meme to get as many people reading and involved as possible. You're all tagged - that means just join in. Seven points about motherhood or ONEMoms in Ethiopia, starting with the seven letters of ONEMoms (or ONEMums) and link up to Clare so your readers can read all the other entries. 

And please don't forget to sign up to lend your voice in support of ONE International. The signing up widget is on the right of this blog, just scroll down. It costs nothing and takes only a moment of your time. 

Here is Michelle's first post from Addis Ababa: Lend Us Your Voice

It's not rocket science, in fact it's very simple... Lend Your Voice

Only by the grace of God was I born to middle class parents in a western country where education and health care are available to everyone.

Never take it for granted that we have food on the table and plenty more in the supermarket.

Everyday there are mothers in Africa who cannot feed and educate their children and keep them safe from curable diseases.

Much is being done to help them. Much more could be done.

Only by being aware of the work in progress (see Living Proof) and giving your name to support ONE International can they continue to ensure all the promises are kept and the work is done effectively.

Michelle  and Jen are in Ethiopia this week with #ONEMoms to see for themselves and bring back the information we need to get involved.

Sign your name to lend your voice via the widget on this blog (scroll down, it's on the right). It costs nothing and takes a moment of your time.

Thank you.


  1. Ohh wow Rachel, your acronymn is awesome, it says everything we need it to. Thanks so much, Mich x

    1. Thank you for giving up a week of your life away from your own family to fight for women and their families in Africa. This is a great venture for a wonderful organisation.

  2. wonderful and thoughtful.

  3. Summed up perfectly, so much more can be done.

    Thank you for joining in x

  4. Wow very powerful post xxx we are so lucky xxxx