Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CODE RED! - The Musical

A slightly flippant and whimsical heading today but CODE RED! has been set to music. The terrifying alert heard by children in Southern Israel (at times up to 100 in a day) has caused so much trauma that they made it into a song.

The video clip explains how many children freeze in terror when the sirens go off and need some light relief at these moments of extreme anxiety.

Enjoy is not really the word. Cry maybe, and break your heart over the fact that such a school song is necessary.

NB: TZEVA ADOM! means colour red (CODE RED!)


  1. I am lost for words. How utterly heart-breaking yet overwhelmingly brave. Incredible.

  2. What is even sadder is that this video is from 4 years ago and nothing has changed...

  3. Whoops, I mean over 5 years ago

  4. Speechless! This is the very last song children should have to learn. I'm with Blodwen!