Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIYdetox Week 5 And Oriental Broth

This week I have a plan. I admit I needed a kickstart strategy as although I've lost about 5lbs in 5 weeks, I actually lost them in the first three weeks and nothing since. Pat on the back for keeping off the 5lbs and all that but there comes a time when you have to accept that nothing's happening.

For newcomers, I took up the challenge from Exmoor Jane with 12 weeks until the new year. This is what has happened so far: Week 1;   Week 2;   Week 3;   Week 4.

This week I'm simplifying things. Porridge for breakfast with a teaspoon of honey and maybe a banana cut up into it. I'm not giving up bread but I am trying to cut down.

Lunch is sorted. Last week I mentioned a new secret weapon. It's soup. Simple as that. Warm, filling (if you make it thick enough), nutritious, easy to make, easy to serve (heat in the bowl in the microwave), and a whole pot of it lasts about five days in the fridge. It's been proven that the same food served as a plate of food and made into a soup will keep you satisfied for longer if you have the soup version. This week I made Oriental Broth (recipe below). When I finish the Oriental Broth I'll be making a Hearty Minestrone (recipe next week).

For supper DD has been demanding Picnic Tray. It's basically different items in small bowls like in a Sushi restaurant - except she's in love with sardines instead of sushi. I buy filleted sardines in sunflower oil and lemon juice. Tonight's Picnic Tray included sardines, grated cheese, soup nuts, cucumber, tomato, avocado, and orange juice. Other options are cut up apple, pasta, chips, sweetcorn, scrambled eggs, raisins, tuna, peas, and olives. Anything goes really, it all tastes good out of little bowls on a Picnic Tray. And for my supper, I have everything on the tray (except the OJ) in one big bowl with salad dressing and call it...Salad Bowl.

When all the above needs supplementing (usually at about 10pm but I will try not to) I have homemade humus or homemade aubergine pate in the fridge to be eaten with rye crackers. However, there's no getting away from the fact that there'll be challah on Shabbat.

So that's the plan. Still no meat, very little dairy (a bit of grated cheese and milk in my coffee - yes coffee is back), no sugar, and very little wheat. I'm hoping to have good news next week.

Oriental Broth
Oriental Broth 

Ingredients (whatever quantities you like and all items are optional):
oil for frying
tofu cut into cubes
rice (or you could use noodles)
soy sauce
salt and pepper. (I also added a teaspoon of tumeric as I had it and it's supposed to be healthy.)

Less healthy smothered in soup nuts but satisfyingly crunchy 
Fry the onion, garlic, mushrooms and tofu cubes.
Cover with water and bring to the boil.
Add the seasonings, sweetcorn and a couple of handfuls of rice.
Let simmer for about half an hour.
Make a big pot and keep it in the fridge for up to a week.


  1. The oriental broth looks lovely, and you HAVE done well to lose 5lb and keep it off. Well done.

    1. Thanks Nicki. On the strength of this I'm joining the Tots Foodie Bloggers. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes but I can't bask in 5lbs forever. Onwards and upwards... (Or should that be downwards?)

  3. Ugh, grated cheese in your coffee???


    1. Yes, and last thing at night I let the cat out in my pyjamas. ;)

  4. It's all going n the right direction. You just patience. Sprinkle some in to every recipe and I think I'll do the same!

    1. Mad iPad again. Hope you know hat I mean - need. You just need patience, sorry x

    2. I know altough I seem to have lost the plot completely over the past couple of days - what with the war and all that.