Monday, April 22, 2013

Living Kitchen

Remember The Hot Chocolate Award that was waiting for me in London last year? Well I managed to do it again this year. Different prize of course but equally as exciting.

Lisa from We Don't Eat Anything With A Face ran this prize draw for a copy of The Living Kitchen by Jutka Harstein. It was ironic that I won it as Jutka runs a restaurant and guesthouse in Harduf in the north of Israel and the book is translated from Hebrew. (Published by Floris Books, Edinburgh, UK)

It's not just another vegetarian cookery book. It's also the story of Jutka's life from rural Hungary to Israel, a sojourn in southern England, and back to Israel again. I read it like a novel and enjoyed the stories of her mother and grandmother at the summer house and later, her life in a village in Israel.

Another aspect to the book is information about eating healthy vegetarian food from a living kitchen. Did you know that each grain is associated with a day of the week? Me neither. You don't have to stick to the traditional days but it helps you eat a maximum variety of grains if you go with a different one each day and stick to that routine.

I made the Hungarian Goulash with rice and we loved it. It's made with small slices of tofu rather than meat and I used sweet potato instead of carrots but the result was delicious.

And here's what it looked like.

Next I want to make the (highly calorific but who's counting?) Rakott Krumpli. This is traditionally a layering of potatoes with sausage covered and baked with a creamy sauce. Jutka suggests you substitute  the sausage with sweet potato. I like the sound of mushrooms instead. Whatever, potatoes in cream has to be amazing.

Thanks again Lisa and Jutka. I must make my way up to Harduf one of these days.

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  1. Glad you finally have your prize and that you are enjoying it. Great review :-)

    1. Thanks Lisa. Watch this space for Rakott Krumpli.

  2. Well done on your prize and I would like to try this to pin :)

  3. Thanks Candi. It was delicious. I like to put a bit of soy sauce in 'meaty' dishes as well, it give them more body (as it were, no pun intended).

  4. That does look really nice, very warming in this cold spring! :)

  5. A good hearty meal at the end of a chilly day. Popping over from recipe of the week.