Thursday, March 19, 2015

Back In The Zone

Last week I read that my blogging friend, Emma, in Cyprus, was planning to get back on the diet train to shape up for the summer. I suggested we both start the next day - 12/3/15 as the numbers had a nice roundness to them and that we both post our progress each Thursday.

I have way more than Emma to lose but I've had some success in the recent past so I was optimistic. Here's the story so far. In September/October last year I lost a stone in four weeks (14lbs, 6 1/2kg). I then tried Herbalife for a change and because I thought it would keep things going at the same pace. This didn't work for me as I could only manage the maintenence plan which meant I maintained my weight loss but didn't lose any more.

By the time I finished Herbalife maintenence at the beginning of January I had slipped well and truly out of the zone. During the first 10 weeks of this year I put back 12 of the 14 lbs I'd lost last autumn. :~(

But 12/3/15 had a certain magic to it so I started again.

Thursday was a great day - I hardly ate. Friday and Saturday we were away on our friends' kibbutz and I ate a big meal on Friday night and a big meal for Saturday lunch but very little else. And I made up for it by hardly eating on Sunday.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were so-so. The bad news was that on all three days I finished off DD's chips for supper and ate a bag of her cheesey wotsits for snacks (on all three days). On the other hand, that was my supper and I didn't eat anything else in the evenings, which is usually my downfall.

I also had an active week working at the Yedidya Bazaar on both Sunday and Monday morning, going on half a hike on Tuesday, and running around doing errands today. I'm not sure what happened to Wednesday - I seem to have lost it in a fog of grading students' papers. If it's not too much information, this was also the best week in the month for me to lose weight.

When I stood on the scales this morning I'd lost 6.4 lbs (almost half a stone, almost 3kg). I'm half way back to where I'd got to in October. This is the biggest incentive for me to have another good week. I intend to compensate for the fact that it's not the first week and I'm not going hiking, etc... by not eating DD's crisps and cutting out bread. We are also going away at the end of next week so I'm trying not to buy any more food before we go and only use up what we have in the house.

Meet you back here for the next installment next Thursday. Good luck to Emma in Cyprus too.


  1. Right, I'm not having this! I've been well and truly outdone this week, Game on!
    Seriously thought, well done! That's a impressive amount to lose, especially with the chips and crisps, maybe hiking is the way forward :)

  2. love wotsits!! I'll be joining you ladies have had a rotten start to the year have stayed the same weight 13 st 7 for ages and I had got down to 12 st 7 - am halfway doing the c25k - would love to do a guest blog post on you both for the blog xx

  3. I'm up for that. Maybe give us a couple more weeks to really get losing. And of course you should join us. I started at 14/9, went down to 13/9, up to 14/7 again and am now down to 13/13. I so want to be under 13 1/2 very very very soon.

    1. okay you're on happy to join in - I'm re-introducing my Tuesday Weigh in as not weighing myself isn't really working out for me but the C25K is - highly recommend it not scary at all. I can now 'run' 5 minutes without stopping! x

  4. Good luck, good luck! It's hard, but it will be worth it! :)

    1. It's 8pm on a Satueday night and I'm going to bed with a book to avaoid eating any more toneight. I can see this is going to be a long haul.