Saturday, May 14, 2016

An Ups And Downs Weekend

Yesterday I killed two birds with one stone and was very pleased with myself. So far today my 24 year old fridge-freezer has broken, the shower chord split open, and DD broke her plastic hula hoop skipper.

I can't decide if I'm more annoyed about the money or the hassle. Today it is 34 degrees C., tomorrow it is expected to be 36 degrees, and 37 degrees forecast for Monday. (or 38 degrees on both Sunday and Monday, depending on where you look. FYI - that's over 100 degrees F.) So on some of the hottest days of the year I am without a fridge or a shower. I have limited time in between work obligations to deal with all this. Much of what I bought in my weekly shop yesterday will be thrown out as will some food in my freezer (which is thankfully quite sparsely stocked atm).

It all started with the sofa and the spare mattresses. The mattresses were just in the way wherever I put them. However, they're useful to keep for when you have more guests than beds - this happens about once every three years.

The sofa was driving me crazy. I inherited this sofa about 13 years ago. It is a very good quality hand-made piece of furniture. The lady who gave it to me realized that she needed a bigger sofa to fit the enormous size of her living room after only owning it for about a year in an underused holiday apartment. In truth, the sofa has always been a bit big for my more modestly sized living room but it was free and it's a good sofa. The cream material needed cleaning and I could take off the zipped covers to have this done. I actually have spare covers that came with the sofa. However, I hate the down filled cushions. I'm forever having to plump them. They seem to have a life of their own as sofa-winoes who are constantly in need of propping up. And they slide forward so that they are are always slightly overflowing from the sofa frame.

Grubby and unkempt but on a good frame
In a move of genius I removed those offending cushions and tried out the spare mattresses in their place. It was a perfect fit. I temporarily covered the mattresses with a fitted sheet but I will cover them properly, eventually. It is infinitely more comfortable and the sofa looks like it has at last got a grip on itself.

A perfect fit!

Infinitely more comfortable and with an air of discipline

That was yesterday. A good day.

Today the fridge-freezer broke. The shower hose broke while I was in it with shampoo all over my hair. DD came upstairs in tears as she'd broken her hula hoop skipper. I put my home made bread rolls back in the oven for a while as they were a bit too doughy in the middle and left them too long. I'm hoping the crunchy crust is still only crust deep.

On the other hand, whilst googling new fridges, I found a recommendation for a fridge mechanic in Jerusalem so maybe my fridge can be fixed. Maybe I can rush out to buy a new shower chord tomorrow after the post office, meetings at college, hopefully seeing the fridge mechanic, and taking DD for her swimming lesson tryouts.

It's been one of those weekends. Ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad. A microcosm of life I suppose.


  1. Sometimes that's just how it goes... Good luck with the fridge!

  2. I love those random thoughts just spilling out and you sorting everything as they do! Just every day life as it really is. Genius about the sofa and good luck with everything else :)

    1. Thank you - it is all sorted now. Blog post to follow. xx

  3. You clever miss fix-it you! The sofa looks great :-)