Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Juice And Smoothy Fast - Day 2

In the teachers' room at school
The first thing I noticed about today (yesterday by the time you read this) was that I wasn't tired when the alarm clock went off. The next bit of excitement was seeing that the scales had gone down 3lbs since the morning before! I was psyched for the day.

I had my morning coffee with oat milk but didn't have time to juice before leaving for school. Instead I grabbed a litre bottle of V8 from the fridge and took that with me. I drank 3 cups at 10 o'clock break and 3 more at 12 o'clock break. Then I washed out the bottle and filled it with cold water for the rest of the school day.

At 1.40pm I was on lunch duty with the 5th Grade girls. Three tubs of food are delivered to the classroom along with salad vegetables, fruit for dessert, and a loaf of bread. The tubs contain a meat item, a grain, and a cooked vegetable. Today there was chicken breasts, barley, and green beans. I could see no reason not to eat the barley and beans. There was nothing added to them at all. It was pure, healthy, real food. So I ate two helpings of barley and green beans. Shoot me, I'm not sorry.

During the afternoon I drank the litre of water from the V8 bottle.

Back home at 5pm I didn't have a headache, I wasn't tired, but I was a bit bored and not for the lack of things to do. I was bored for the lack of things to put in my mouth. I craved a cup of coffee. Not for the caffeine, but because it's creamy and satisfying with oat milk and it would hit the spot. So I had one.

I also had half a grapefruit in the fridge from the day before which I hadn't enjoyed as a fruit smoothy. So I ate it as a piece of fruit along with some cubes of melon and a few cherries.

I had plans for a super supper smoothy. The real McCoy made with all the things they advise you to put into a green smoothy like leafy greens (I have fresh spinach and parsley), celery, fresh ginger, avocado, cucumber, and a carrot. I might have added a banana and and an apple for some sweetness. But I wasn't hungry so I went to bed with a good book instead.

Meanwhile I had posted these reports on the Fat, Sick and Almost Dead facebook page and got a reply. I'd like to think it was from Joe Cross himself but he probably has employees to do this sort of thing. He/they sent me Joe's (can I call you Joe?) article on juicing vs smoothies and it's made all the difference.

The bottom line is that as I don't have any life-threatening or life-limiting diseases [yet], I don't need the intensive exclusively juice-fast that gets you flooded with quickly absorbed vitamins and other nutrients. And there really isn't much point in liquidizing my salads when I'd find eating a big salad very satisfying. So another option is to juice once a day for a big glass of intense nutrients with more vegetables than you would eat without an oily dressing and too much salt. And then have another salad meal during the day. And a bowl of fruit. Or possibly a bowl of porridge with fruit which I happen to love. It's a sort of eating-fast. Or perhaps this is phase two of the make-it-up-as-you-go-along juicing diet?

On the other hand, juicing is a quick way to lose weight for a limited time if you need the quick jumpstart for motivation (or because you are morbidly obese). So I might continue the juicing for the full five days by straining my smoothies through a sieve (except for those with avocado and banana because they're not pulpy but creamy). Let's call this phase one.

I'm thinking of buying a juicer tomorrow. Or a nutribullet type blender. I just can't decide which way to go.

In other news, I could hardly wait to go to bed so that I could get up and weigh myself in the morning.


  1. I love our positive attitude, Rachel. You seem totally motivated. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Pnina. When I think of you I often think of you power-walking around the neighbourhood in the mornings.

  2. Hi Rachel! I have been reading your blog for a long time now and really enjoy it! I just wanted to tell you I did Joe's reboot a couple of years ago, it was 2 weeks juicing then. The experience was wonderful, I learned a lot about what the body asks for, what we think it needs (boredom, overeating), and especially I became more gentle with it. Since then, I juice quite often, I often have a juice for dinner for example. Back then, by week 2, the results on my skin and hair were astonishing, I remember a friend that saw a picture of me asked if it was photoshopped because my skin was so pure! Of course I also dropped a couple of kilos which was great too. So just to tell you to keep it up! I can lead to fundamental lifestyle changes and improve your relationship with food in the longterm. It has in my case! Lina

    1. Thank you so much for this Lina, its really encouraging. xxx