Thursday, May 26, 2016

Juice And Smoothy Fast - Days 3 & 4

Ingredients listed below
Tuesday morning, up with the lark a bit late at 7.30am. The scales were slightly disappointing after yesterday's spectacular start - I'd only lost 0.4lbs. Otoh, I did have two servings of barley and green beans on Monday which were definitely not juiced.

I started the day with my coffee and oat milk. Then, before getting going on the day's smoothy, I made a simple vegetable soup. There were two reasons for this. 1. The weather got cooler again and it was even raining. 2. I had some red onion, 2 potatoes, a wilting cauliflower, and too many carrots in the fridge and I cannot sit here and just watch them all die.

Day 3's smoothy consisted of: carrot, cucumber, celery including the light green leaves, spinach leaves, parsley, a small piece of fresh ginger, a banana and a small avocado. I have discovered the secret of smoothies. You need to put in some soluble fibre like banana or avocado, otherwise it comes out as juice and sludge. With a banana and avocado it came out smooth and creamy. Of course you can strain the juice and chuck the fibre if you only use insoluble fibre so that could be a way of juicing if you don't have a juicer.

It was ok. I enjoyed it because I was focused on the health aspect but it wasn't something you'd choose just for the taste. It wasn't offensive in any way. It was even quite pleasant after a while.

I didn't drink much of the smoothy this morning as it got very cold and rainy outside so I switched to a steaming bowl of cooked vegetables from the soup. The smoothy waited for later. Plenty of hours still left in the day.

My neighbour and friend, Aviva Belfer (remember my blog posts about Aviva?) offered to lend me her juicer for a few days so that I could see if it was something I'd like to invest in.

I took a green tea teabag to college with me as my students who are mature/returning students on this course, take turns to bring a light lunch for everyone. I didn't want to be tempted. As it happened, one student returned from a short maternity break with her 3-week old baby. Today's class was the end of year exam so I held the baby while his mother did her work. It was Godsend as obviously I couldn't eat while holding the baby.

Home for another bowl of vegetable soup and I found I was feeling a bit light-headed. So I had my second cup of coffee as well as a banana for dessert.

Teaching again in the afternoon, out with DD for a school event. Home at 7pm. I tried to finish my green smoothy but it was disgusting so I binned it. That's it, I'm done. I finished the evening with a homemade bread roll stuffed with salad and the rest of the vegetable soup. Yum. (In hindsight the smoothy going off was probably because of the avocado and banana - they don't keep well.)

I felt a bit bad because Phil Staples is now following me on twitter (though he might unfollow when he reads this). Yes, Phil Staples the actual co-star of Fat, Sick and Almost Dead! I am honoured and humbled Phil, but I just can't do these smoothies anymore.

Wednesday morning and I'd given 1lb back, I was up 1lb but that's still a 2.4lb loss since Sunday. Coffee and oat milk for breakfast. I took a bottle of V8 to school but found myself eating 4 slices of bread to help it go down. (No lunch duty on Wednesdays.) Oh well, I still got the vegetable nutrients. Home at 4.30pm and tea was a homemade bread roll stuffed with fresh spinach leaves and olives. And then I ate a banana, 2 dried figs, and some peanuts.

Another local fb friend messaged me with the offer to lend me a juicer, which was really nice of her.

Then we went shopping, then we came home, then I went to bed. I think the word fast might need to come out of the headings. This morning the scales were the same - unsurprisingly. But I'm back with the programme and have arranged to have a juicing lunch with Aviva.

Only one coffee drunk on Wednesday. You've got to celebrate the small things. :~)

I also want to point out that I'm on day 5 and I've not eaten any animal products, any crisps or other processed snacks, nor any sugary foods (there was probably some sugar in the bread I ate at school but that's all). I'm going to extend this project to the full week with a small break for actual food (vegan) on Friday night. I'm eating with a friend and it would be a bit rude and not pleasant for her if I just sit there with a juice while she eats.


  1. How could you not feel light headed after going to school with only a tea bag, green or otherwise!
    Of course you could carry on not eating animal products, processed snacks and sugary foods without juicing/smoothying. I think this is what I am missing with the whole idea, the connection between juicing and getting off animal products, processed snacks and sugary foods. I would have thought a homemade wholemeal bread roll, salad and homemade vegetable soup make a wonderful healthy meal.
    Another thought - weight loss shouldn't be the aim with this five-day juice fast idea, because it isn't a sustainable diet. I would assume that the first day weight loss is fluids, then the body must fairly quickly go into starvation mode if the calorie intake is very low, so when you increase your calorie intake you will put on more weight than you would otherwise. So you maybe be detoxing and all that (if such a thing exists), but meaningful weight loss will come with a sustainable diet (with minimal processed foods and sugar).
    My point is forget the scales, just see this as a week's process you are putting your body through as a trigger to a new healthy you. Good luck!

    1. I see your confusion Gillian so I'll answer your point here.
      1. The college is around the corner and I was only there for 2 hours. Before leaving home I'd eaten a big bowl of cooked vegetables so I wasn't starving.
      2. No one claims the juicing is sustainable. Even the guys who have made a career out of it only did it for 60 days the first time to get into good enough physical shape to give them a vastly improved quality of life with which to continue moving forward. They then juice for a few days a few times a year because it makes you feel wonderful.
      3. Saying just eat healthy vegan meals and then stop eating, to someone with a food addiction, is like telling an alcoholic to drink in moderation. The difference with food addiction is that it is often temporary and linked to emotions. So if you can do a short sharp shock to get almost immediate results, it immediately puts you in a better frame of mind to transition to the healthy eating. It is impossible to just switch to healthy moderate eating when you feel like a fat hippo.
      4. Yes the bread roll and vegetables was a healthy meal but had I not been mindful that I'm supposed to be on a juice fast, I would have added another bread roll and probably a bag of crisps or three, and then progressed to whatever I could find in the fridge. You have to consider the big picture. It's not about the salad roll and the vegetable soup.
      5. Weight loss is the aim this week because that is the only thing that will put me int he right frame of mind to transition to healthy eating. Gillian - you are a life-long slim person. We are a different species. We would like to be as sensible about our eating as we are about our work or parenting, but first we have to get to your weight before we can even consider it.
      This is the way it is. It just is.

    2. Thanks for the long reply. Hope you don't think I am being insensitive. I get the idea that a quick big drop will motivate you, but I worry since such a sharp drop is usually followed by putting most of it back on, just because of physiology, so ultimately it could be demotivating.
      I do appreciate how lucky I am - I know from my inability to lose the weight I put on from pregnancy number four (nearly 16 years ago!!) that if I didn't have such a good metabolism (or gut bacteria or something else, who knows), I would be a lot more than 7 kilo overweight and would not be able to lose it.
      So I hope this achieves what you want it to and I admire your persistence. I also apologize for being annoying.

    3. No need to apologize. All discussion is good. And btw, you are not the only one who has given me the same sort of advice - none of them obese at the time of writing.