Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Fridge and Sofa For Free

New-look  sofa
After 25 years, and just in time for the really hot weather, my old and faithful fridge died over the weekend. But after 25 years I'm about ready for a new fridge. Mine was white but after 25 years it's more of a creamy colour and a bit scratched. Apart from that it was perfect... until it died.

DD and I went to buy a new fridge after school today. I was in one shop where, although prices were reasonable, I didn't feel confident. I called Michael the best fridge technician in Jerusalem. Michael gave me three more years on my old fridge when I thought it was a gonna. Michael advised me to go to another shop where prices are a little higher but the source of products is more reliable - i.e. imported directly from the manufacturer with all their warranties and services as opposed to buying through a third party.

I had done some research and it seems that the best makes are Sharp, Samsung, and Electra. I would have bought the Electra as it was 1000 shekels cheaper than the fridge I bought, but I didn't like all the digital display on the freezer door. I want simple and straight forward. Michael said to go for the Sharp. The one I really wanted would take a month to deliver if I wanted it in white - which I do. So I went for the white one that isn't so sleek looking but it has all the essentials and they will deliver it next week.

Interestingly, the less sleek looking Sharp fridge was a bit more expensive. However you only want to do this once a decade so I went with it. I put it on 12 payments so that's about 275 shekels a month for the next year. (About 60GBP/month). That's practically free. Don't compare to prices in the UK or America - prices here are about double. Yes it hurts but we have sunshine and blue skies for eight months of the year so we don't complain too much.

Then, as I was leaving the shop, the assistant gave me six gift cards worth 100 shekels each that are redeemable in a bunch of shops in the mall. We headed straight to Fox Home and bought four new cushions for the sofa at no extra charge. Hooray! Out go the feather filled sofa cushions that I spent my life plumping up and had grown to hate. I inherited that sofa from a former employer so it's not something I chose or paid money for and I'd already swapped the feather filled seat cushions for a firmer foam mattress.

I would rather have had 600 shekels off the fridge but actually I like the new-look sofa so all's good.


  1. Love the new cushions on the sofa! And 25 years with the old fridge is a pretty good run. But doesn't it seem as though everything goes at once? For me it was my TV, my printer and then my shredder! So far I've replaced the printer and the TV and I hope to get a new shredder this week. It's as though there's something in the stars at times! Hope the new fridge arrives safely.

    1. Thank you. As I was writing this post my computer suddenly died. I was fully expecting it to be another costly electrical event. Luckily it was just the batteries and I only had to plug it in and restart. But I was worried for a moment.

  2. Ooh, I love those cushions! They're gorgeous!