Monday, October 1, 2018

Celebrations and Projects Hahaha

Back in January I eschewed New Year resolutions, word for the year, intentions, etc... for a celebration and a project each month.

January was celebrating planning and preparing my teaching for the second semester and the project was to go through and sort out all my paperwork. Well that second semester is done and dusted and I did go through all my papers and got them sorted. However, ten months on, another pile of papers has emerged that needs sorting and filing.

February was celebrating the promise of Spring with decluttering and Spring cleaning. I certainly have decluttered and I probably did Spring clean. Who knows, it was so long ago.

In March we had both Purim and Passover, so I celebrated family and friends and the project was to actually get together with said family and friends, catch up with promised coffees and invite people for a Shabbat meal once in a while. I think I did all that.

Then came April. Notice that there is no link for April. We came home from London on the 8th and I never got my act together to continue. April should have been celebrating the outdoors and planting a lovely potted garden on the balcony. Well we didn't celebrate much outdoors because we're not really outdoors sort of people, but we did plant the garden - in July. So... TICK! Obviously it now needs some serious weeding and some new plants but We'll do that easily because we actually love our balcony now. In fact, I usually drink my morning coffee out there - so can we call that a bit of outdoors? I think we can... TICK!

May, June, July, August, September. What can I say? Sorry.

And here we are at the beginning of October. Not only is it the beginning of October but we've just had the Jewish New Year, all the festivals are over, and we start the proper and serious working year tomorrow. What better time to jump back onto the Celebrations and Projects train for the remainder of the other year. I'm a Virgo which means I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I hate loose ends. So I'll have to catch up rather than start from now.

May was going to celebrate the early mornings (I have a list) and my project was going to be getting up early for a sort of Miracle Morning routine. Though mine will be less meditating and affirmations and more about doing laundry and other chores. I'm coupling this with going to bed earlier or it won't work. It seems like the perfect time for this project so it starts tomorrow.

June was supposed to be organizing photos and editing this blog. The photos are in pre-digital albums and boxes as well on various sim cards and computers. The blog is approaching 1000 posts (in almost eight years) and some of them, tbh, are not worthy of keeping. In others the photos have mysteriously disappeared making them nonsensical or boring. Still others never had photos and I've come to realize that a picture is preferable. so in a grand nostalgic celebration I will revisit all my photos and blog posts and sort them out.

July and August was the summer holidays. We traveled some, we relaxed, we had some days out. I taught two summer courses. We vegetated and turned to mush. We celebrated nothing to do (apart from the summer courses) and our project was to survive the heat... TICK!

September meant that we went back to school for two minutes before the New Year festivals took hold. September was celebrating the New Year and planning the coming semester. Mostly done and there's still another week until college starts so I'm in good shape... TICK!

Which brings us to October and the happy co-incidence of everything starting at the beginning of a calendar month (like the New Year in January). I have three things I want to tackle. Time management, health (eating, exercise, and enough sleep), and a frugal period as we spent money over the summer and festivals with gay abandon.

I'm going to do all three from now and call it October, November and December. I won't be repeating this exercise next year. It didn't really work for me despite the things accomplished being worthwhile and satisfying. But I started it so I'm finishing it and be done with it.


  1. If it's any comfort I think you are like most of us - we truly want to have all these projects written down and DONE - but then life gets in the way. You've done a lot in the past year - especially in the area of decluttering so I think you should give yourself a giant TICK for that one.

    1. Thank you Margie. Meanwhile it's 11.20 and I said I'd be in bed by 10.30. But as you once suggested, its easier for me to get things done at night than to get up too early.