Sunday, June 9, 2019

Slimming Sunday - IF Only Revisited

Two years ago I wrote this post. I'd lost 10 lbs with intermittent fasting for one month and I laid out my plans for the following month. The following month's plans never happened. I managed to keep some of the benefits of IF because even a short period of fasting has longer term benefits, but I lost the momentum.

So last week I was actually in almost the exact same position I'd been in two years ago. If you follow the link, most of what I said then remains true today. This time I added a couple of tweaks and of course the motivation has increased due to my brother's wedding in the Autumn.

I'm not going to explain IF again -  you can read and watch videos about it all day online and I urge you to at least dip into that body of information, especially Dr, Jason Fung and his book: The Obesity Code. Like two years ago, I aimed for one meal a day (OMAD) and this time I aimed to increase my fasting to 20 hours a day. (By fasting I mean not eating. I drink tea, coffee, and lots of water.)

I downloaded an app which times your fasts (Fasti - fasting tracker). There are many many IF apps. You can browse them and choose for yourself. Mine is a simple stop watch that saves the times so you can look back on the week and even the month in various graphic representations (a list, a bar graph a weight loss graph if you put in your weight).

The app doesn't tell you what to do, it only records what you've done. However, I did find it motivating in that when I started to think about eating and I saw the clock on 18 hrs 55 mins and counting, I tended to hold off for the sake of one more hour. Even in the middle of the day, when I saw e.g. 14 hours, I'd think why spoil it? I'd be less likely to throw away 14 hrs of fasting to eat something I didn't need than if I didn't have that clock keeping track for me.

As I said, I set my goal for 20 hour a day. I didn't always get there and there is one 14 hour fast, a few between 15 and 19 hours. There was one full weekend where I didn't do it at all. Otoh, there were many days (at least two a week) where I went over 24 hours without eating. If the 20 hours was up in the afternoon and I was still running around, taking DD to gymnastics or shopping, I often didn't get to sit down and eat till 8 pm. And sometimes, having broken the 24 hours barrier, I'd be motivated to go for longer. Even going to bed in order to add another 10 hours.

On the whole I averaged about 20 hours a day fasting. It's easier for me to fast than to eat in moderation. Better not to open the flood gates even a crack. And I actually enjoy feeling hungry. It's not starving but rather feeling light and knowing that I must be running on stored energy. A mixture of physical and psychological well-being.

I've put the suffering of the cows and chickens on hold for now. I'm not proud of it but I need to concentrate on my own health atm. I've ditched calorie counting and low fat mania completely. I try to eat fewer carbs but I don't forbid myself potatoes, bread or pasta.

I lost 12 lbs in the first 5 weeks (5.5 kg). This past week I, week 6, I'd kept it all off by Wednesday but then I went to a wedding and was invited to two festival meals this weekend. I didn't even weigh myself this morning. I have noticed though, that I am eating much less when sitting down to a big meal served buffet or family style. I pay attention to when I'm full and I stop.


  1. I'm currently working my way through "The Obesity Code" and I've watched many of his videos on YouTube. My cardiologist has also recommended this program - I managed to get to two meals a day with the time between meals getting closer and closer so the fasting times increase. I'm finding it a bit more difficult now that I'm working more but I'm getting more in the swing of it again. Wish me luck! :-)

    1. I do wish you luck Margie. I found that the days I'm at work are easier. It's always easier for me to be away from my own kitchen.

  2. I have huge admiration for you - I get 'hangry' if I don't eat when I feel hungry, and I obsess about food, and that's why I have to control my weight with exercise. Well done for your weight loss so far and good luck with the next few months x

    1. Thanks but your admiration is misplaced. I happen to enjoy fasting, but I could never do all the running that you do. For some it's exercise, others it's a diet and for some it's fasting. Whatever works for you.