Monday, July 15, 2019

Slimming Sunday - Slow But Steady

Some more beautiful Chihuly. What?
D'ya think I'm going to show before and after photos in my underwear?
Hahahaha. Not a chance.  
Yes I know it's Monday again but I don't have much to write, other than a weight loss update, so I procrastinated on it all day yesterday. This morning I decided to just start and see where the post goes.

To re-cap, I started Intermittent Fasting on April 28th, the Sunday after Passover. I lost 12 lbs in the first 5 weeks (5.5 kg) and wrote about it here. Fast forward another 6 weeks and I've been losing about 1 lb/week. So I'm 18 lbs down (8 kg) and getting a bit frustrated that it's going so slowly now.

I have to admit that the slow progress is entirely due to some spectacular diet failures. For example, schools finish early on Tuesdays here so DD's friend has a standing arrangement to come to us for lunch as her mother works late on Tuesdays. One Tuesday I couldn't be here at lunchtime so I had to leave them something ready and cold (we don't have a microwave).

On the Monday afternoon I bought a whole baguette and was planning to leave the girls a selection of filled 'rolls'. That baguette taunted me all evening. In the end I succumbed and reasoning that the girls didn't need more than 1/3 of a baguette each, I could have one sandwich out of it. Of course we all know that a carb addict can't just have one sandwich. Within half an hour the whole baguette was inside, and the smile on the face of the tiger.

Tuesday morning I had to go out early and pick up another baguette before dividing it into six 'rolls' and preparing three with tuna-mayo and cucumber, and three with egg-mayo and cucumber. I set them on a dish, covered them with cling-film, and lovingly put them in the fridge before going to work. Fir me that would be the perfect lunch. I love sandwiches.

Tuesday evening I get home to find that DD's friend didn't come that day (actually I knew that by 1 pm) and DD still doesn't like sandwiches so she hadn't eaten any of them and didn't intend to. What's a girl to do? So that was two whole baguettes in two days and I wonder why the weight loss has slowed down?

I'm still thrilled to be 18 lbs (8 kg) down and we have no bread in our home at all atm. I'm still doing OMAD (One Meal A Day) and hoping to up the ante for a better result next Sunday. 


  1. Believe me that whole bread thing haunts me too - it's far more of a temptation than fancy desserts!
    I do have a loaf of Ezekiel bread in the freezer and when the craving gets really bad I toast myself 1 slice.
    But 18 pounds is pretty good going so congratulations.

    1. Thank you. I bought a loaf of no carb bread a few weeks ago and I still managed to eat the whole loaf in record time. It's not just the bread, which if you toast it isn't too different from real bread, it's the platform on which to eat cheese and other tasty toppings that is also a temptation.

    2. Believe me - I understand completely! If I had found those sandwiches left in the fridge - I'd have eaten them all as well! :-)