Sunday, January 19, 2020

Competing With Pepys - 9 Years Writing

Yesterday I revealed, not for the first time, my fixation with dates. Well today is my nine years bloggerversary. Nine years! I don't think I've ever before kept up any hobby for nine years. Big thank you to Shira Kallus Zwebner ad Keren David who introduced me to the concept of blogging and helped me get started. (It seems such a long time since Shira and I used to push our toddlers home from the nursery together.)

One of my 3x3 resolutions that I wrote about yesterday is to go to bed at 10pm every night and read for an hour. Serving the purpose of reading and also getting enough sleep for a fresh start in the morning. I have a three-point reading plan. (3x3 very quickly becomes 27x27 if you're not careful.)

1. To catch up with the 929 project. It started again at the end of 2018 and you're supposed to read one chapter of the Bible every day. Or you can read five chapters at the weekend, obviously. I was doing really well until last summer when I sort of stopped. (Not sort of, I stopped.) I'm only on Joshua and the official project is way into the Prophets. I resolve to read two chapters a night until I catch up.

But I didn't read any Bible last night because of this book:

2. 365 Great Stories from History for Every Day of the Year. (Actually there are 366, I checked. Lucky for 2020 eh?) It was a present from Jill Yonassi when she came to stay. Thank you Jill. I've started this project before but never managed the full year. This time I'm determined to see it through to the end. It doesn't really matter about the days, although the years are quite important, it's more about reading a little bit of history every day.

Last night I missed the 10pm curfew and only got to the book rendezvous (my bedside table) at 10.30. And then I thought it would be prudent to start at January 1st seeing as it was only 18 entries to catch up. So it was gone midnight when I finished and I had no time to even start ....

3. Another book. Either for pleasure or interest.

And I woke up tired. So another of my 3x3 - getting up early(ish) also didn't happen.

However, I did learn that Samuel Pepys started his diary on January 1st 1660 and he wrote it diligently for nine years and five months? You see I Learned something on the first page! Only another five months to go and I've beaten Pepys in writing longevity. That's cool.

Happy Bloggerversary to me!


  1. Congrats on the anniversary!
    I am a follower of Marcus Aurelius and he is a proponent of being an early riser. I've always been an early bird but has lapsed a bit over the past couple of years - not having to be in the office before 8am makes a difference!
    I have now gone back to trying to go to bed at 10pm (any TV show that I watch at that time is "On Demand") so no excuses - I sleep for 7.5 hours and get up. I'm finding that I get a lot done in the morning so have much more time for myself later in the day. So far - so good. I read during my commute and read in the evening - but never read in bed.
    Good luck with it all.

    1. Early rising has long been my nemesis - that and eating too much carb. But when I do get up early I see the difference in what gets done, and it's huge. Must try harder. The going to bed at 10 ad reading is working well for me though.