Monday, January 20, 2020

Harry & Meghan, A Marriage of Compromise

North America is better than the Tower, marginally.
Harry and Meghan Mountbatten (or Sussex or Windsor or Wales or whatever they choose, probably not Markle) will not be using their HRH titles in the future. They may even have to give up their rights to the Royal branding that they've trademarked.

I am happy to announce, because this was one chutzpa too far, that they will be paying back the £2.4 million that it cost the tax-payers to refurbish their home in the UK. Not only that, but they will be paying commercial rent on Frogmore Cottage in order to keep it as their UK residence.

All is good. £2.4 million is nothing to them. Meghan herself is worth about $5 million. According to Forbes, Harry is reported to be worth about £40 million from his mother's and Great-Grandmother's estates, an annual trust allowance of £450,000, and earnings of £50,000 pa as a helicopter pilot. Maybe it's crass to print figures, but I want to make the point that it's not the money, it's the principle. And it's the money.

Of course they will also still get money from Prince Charles' Estate (whether from the Duchy of Cornwall or not). Thus far it's been about £2.3 million pa. You can't begrudge parents helping their kids out. In my own family we all get a £25 M&S gift voucher (one each, not to share) on Chanuka, so I'm not one to throw stones over that.

It's very sad for Harry that he will be giving up all earned and honorary military titles and duties. And indeed, all ties with the British Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Airforce. Also sad for Prince Philip who passed on the title of Captain General of the Royal Marines to his grandson, a title he himself held for over 64 years. The army was Harry's first love and he fought bravely in Afghanistan twice. But that's marriage for you. Thankfully he will continue his exemplary work with the highly successful Invictus Games, which he founded and has worked so hard for.

I admit that I came back to this topic because my previous analysis of the situation earned itself over 800 page views in one day. Write Harry and Meghan in the title and it's instant click bait. I'm thinking of publishing my recipe for egg on toast with a twist (a slice of cheddar cheese under the fried egg) and calling it: What Harry and Meghan Don't Eat for Breakfast.

Anyway, thanks guys. I gave you more publicity and I was kind fair, and you gave me increased blog exposure. I hope we can work together again for our mutual benefit in the future. Although not too soon in the future as we're actually getting a bit fed up with all your drama.

And finally, I concede that Harry and Meghan's life choices are absolutely none of my business. However, he or she who prospers by fame, invites the public to join the game. (This is an original quote and can be attributed to Rachel Selby or Midlife Singlemum - your call.)


  1. Exactly that! The media can voice it's opinion going by mostly second hand information and the public then have an opinion going by mostly third hand information and speculation. This gets published because like you they all gain something from it. Not saying you were wrong to publish this but saying don't forget we only know what makes headlines!

    1. True to a certain extent. But I've also been watching This Morning where they interview people who work with or specialize in Royal affairs. I find the analysis seems to be very astute. I'm nnot reading the Daily Mail, the Sun or the Express.

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    1. Lol, glad you liked it. I missed my calling as a poet. ;)

  3. Great post that’s made me laugh at just gone midnight and I’m tired but can’t get to sleep. It was worth staying awake to read 😁

    1. Aw thank you. But I' sorry I didn't put you to sleep if that's what you really needed. xx