Monday, October 5, 2015

The First Step

I just saw a meme on facebook. I was going to copy/paste it here but if I do that Blogger makes it disappear after a while. So here it is (From The Penninghame Process - which seems to be a sort of life enhancing retreat).

The first step to getting anywhere
Is deciding you're not willing
To stay where you are.

Tonight the is the end of three weeks of Jewish Holy Days. Starting with the New Year, through the Day of Atonement, hopefully being signed and sealed in the Book of Life for another year, and ending in the Rejoicing of the Torah where we finish reading the whole of the Torah that takes the year to read, portion by weekly portion. We are ready to start again with the creation in Genesis next Shabbat (Saturday).

There has been a lot of praying by those that do - both formal and communal and also private and personal. There has been an obscene amount of eating by everyone.

School, which had only started on September 1st after a long and extremely hot summer, was mostly about learning for the festivals and then was mostly on holiday for the duration.

On a personal level, I would say that this little family didn't really get with the school program on September 1st. We seemed to carry the summer lethargy with us into September. It wasn't entirely our fault as September disguised iteself with August weather.

But now it's all over. Now the new year starts for real. I want to make it a good one. I want to make this year count. I'm not willing to stay where I am. I'm ready to start again with the creation of a more productive me. Not a different me, but me with a twist.

Wishing everyone a great year. I hope you fulfill all your own twists.


  1. Happy New Year, I hope it is as productive as you hope xx

  2. ohh Happy New Year xx Hope the year ahead is all and more than you could wish for xx

  3. Really like your thoughts on this and love that meme. Happy 'New Year' to you both.... with a twist ;) xx

    1. There's always a twist with me. Usually the twist is that I don't do it.

  4. Happy New Year. Seems to be going well already! :)

    1. It's going ok - I'm not as on top of things as I'd like to be.