Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Sound And Light On Jerusalem

Damascus Gate, Jerusalem Old City

One of the mothers in DD's class had the great idea of us all meeting tonight at the sound and light show at The Old City of Jerusalem. So off we went. There were at least four families there from DD's class but we only met up with one of them - on the bus on the way home. Lol. It was packed.

I joked that there were so many of us we had to split into groups. We were Group 1 of course and we had the best time. For one thing it was just nice to be out in the cool evening air.

It was better after dark but we got there early. 

There are three different trails you can follow. We took the green route from Damascus Gate around the outside of the city walls to Jaffa Gate where we bought sustenance to continue on our pilgrimage. Then we followed the red route which winds through the Arab Shuk inside the Old City towards the Christian Quarter and out of the New Gate (which is between Damascus Gate and Jaffa Gate).

I'd like to do the blue route which goes south around the city walls passed Zion Gate to Dung Gate. It's the longest route but I reckon it's the most spectacular and least crowded. And there are short cuts back through the Old City if you want to just do some of it. Sounds like a plan for next year.

I call this one: On the Red Route with Popcorn

All that's left is to say - enjoy the photos from #Rubbishphotograher.

And...Woman Without Popcorn.


  1. Replies
    1. It was good. Not as amazing as I thought it was going to be.

  2. I did the blue route which was beautiful. We didn't have much time because we got there late. So late in fact that we reached the last exhibit in time to see them switch it off at 11 on the dot!

    1. I'm definitely doing the blue route next year. From all accounts it seems to have been the best.