Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Pigeon-Toed Pose

How lucky are those models? Pose for photos for a day in various outfits and get paid for it. I couldn't be a model. I'm not tall enough, I don't have good enough teeth, I'm not slim enough, I'm not photogenic enough, I'm not pigeon-toed.

Seriously check it out here

Some of the younger child-models can get away with it, just. It's how an awkward five year old might stand if she had to sing in public. So obviously if a grown woman stands like this she will look like a young child, right? WRONG! Actually you simply look stupid. Or sad and uncomfortable with your age, I can't decide which.

Today in the DM there was an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker. She spoke about twitter trolls going after her twin daughters, saying they aren't really hers because they were carried by a surrogate. Despicable, rude, cruel and hurtful. The news was that whilst SJP usually ignores personal insults, this time she saw red and tweeted back. Good for you SJ, the troll was way out of line and I'm sorry you had to deal with that. 

Of course an interview with SJP is never about the headline really. It's about plugging her fashion line or her new film, or book, or whatever. And it's the chance to showcase some fashion shots in time for the new collection. To be fair, this is a celebrity thing, it's not just SJP. They all have to do it if they are to survive the PR game.

In among the photos of SJP modelling her own clothes (which imo are lovely clothes for a young woman but look a bit odd on a 49yo) was the worst case of pigeon-toed posing I've ever seen. It's picture 6 in case you missed it - I probably can't legally copy it here. 

The top third is a sultry looking mature woman, yes even looking sexy. The middle is a dress which would look good on any age from six to 26. And then the legs which are pretending to be five. What for? Does she really think we'll be fooled into thinking she's not yet overcome her shyness in front of the camera, that the sultry-sexy expression on her face is without aforethought, that she's actually not 49 but only a young-for-her-age nine? Do we look like we were born yesterday? No we don't and neither do you my dear, sorry.


  1. My niece is a model - and while there are certainly worse jobs, it really isn't either as easy or as glamorous as many people believe - but the main thing is, when you are a model posing for photos, you do not choose how to pose - you are told what to do. So whilst papped photos of various s'lebs pigeoning their toesey woeseys are on their own head - the poor working clothes horse in professional photos is not herself to blame. It's the photographer that, literally, calls the shots :o)

  2. This seems to be a thing that fashion blogger do too.

  3. I have been wondering about pigeon-toed poses for a while. So silly!

  4. I'd never noticed the underlying message in those poses and now you've pointed it out I think it's a bit sick. Shocking!

  5. How much has SJP been photo shopped? But how horrible to receive trolling tweets about her children - that's disgusting. Still, I'm so not down with this pigeon toed thing - it's childish and something quite wrong about it .... agree with OSM above. X