Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For goodness sake, can we do it already?

I was so close to having my first attempt at getting pregnant. I had my Hadassah Hospital morning routine for ultrasound and blood-test and could do the whole thing and be at work by 8.30am. I had sorted out Maccabi (my health fund) and the bank - I no longer had to worry about owing them money as I now had a working direct debit.

So far I had been in to the IVF clinic on the morning of the third day of my cycle, the fifth day, the tenth day and the twelfth day. As I've already said, we decided to start with I.U.I. (Intra-Uterine Insemination) which is basically the turkey-baster method with very little or no intervension. When I called to get the results on the twelfth day I was told to come in another two days. "Will that be the day of the I.U.I?" I asked hopefully.
"No, this is another blood-test and  ultrasound."

They tell me to call the sperm bank and tell them that I will be needing to collect within the week.

I am so ready to move on to the next stage. On day 14 I am told that the I.U.I. will probably be in three days time. The ultrasound doctor can see the ova still in my ovaries (I think I had two) and she reckons they're not quite cooked yet. The ovum sacs only measure in the early teens and they need to be 18 or 19 apparently. 18 or 19 what, I don't know. I don't care - let's just get on with it already!

On day 16 I go to check in at Reception. Every receptionist is busy except the one in the window marked 'Personnel.' There the woman is filing her nails. I go up to the window and hand her my print-out and notes. She begins to process them without batting an eye-lid. Suddenly there is a man behind me who is obviously in a hurry. He is wearing a plastic name badge which classifies him as personnel. He taps me on the shoulder. When I turn around he searches my breast area and, not finding what he is looking for, asks, "are you personal?"

He pronounces it 'personal' (emphasis on the first syllable and with 'al' at the end). I look him straight in the eye. I'm in no mood for any more delays. I've dealt with Maccabi, I've dealt with the bank, and I can deal with you too! "Yes," I say, emphatically, "very personal." And I turn back to the window to collect my notes.

At IVF, they tell me to come in tomorrow for I.U.I. It will be at about 11.40am after I've collected the sperm from the sperm bank. I have to call the sperm bank at 7.30am and ask them to prepare the sperm.

I had the I.U.I. on day 17 and... it was a complete farce. I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

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