Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tidbits 17: The Passover Story

It's that time of year again. DD is learning about the story of Moses and The Exodus in kindergarten. Her teacher swears that she understands everything in Hebrew.... If she says so....

DD: Moses saw a bush with flames but it wasn't burning, you're right?
Me: You're right. Then what happened?
DD: Someone started telling him things.
Me: Who was the someone?
DD: I don't know. I think there was someone standing behind the bush.

DD: God made the water turn to blood. Then Pharaoh's daughter had to quickly come and get Moses out of the river because it was all blood.
Me: You've got the story a bit confused. I'll tell you the whole story from the beginning.

DD: They got 10 plagues. Blood, frogs, lice, hail..... *sighs* I love the 10 plagues.

DD: Moses put his stick down and it turned into a snake. Then someone else did it. It's magic like when [Uncle] Charles takes sweets out of my ear, you're right? But only if I'm a good girl, you're right?

DD: Pharaoh was very happy because he had slaves and they built things for him and he didn't have to pay them anything.

DD: I know why we eat matza. Because when they were running away they didn't have time to make bread so they ate matza and it happened on Pesach so we eat matza on Pesach.

DD: What was the last plague?
Me: All the first born boys died.
DD: But only the boys, you're right?
Me: Yes, only the boys.
DD: Phew! Lucky Aviva's not really a boy.
Me: She's not a boy at all.
DD: She's like a boy because she likes to play football and wear trousers.
Me: Well she's got two older brothers so she's not the first born anyway.
DD: Phew! Lucky!

DD: It all happened a long  time ago, you're right? So everybody from the story's dead, you're right. There aren't any bad people in Egypt now, you're right?
Me: Ummm. Yeah, right.


  1. Yeah, right. The world over! The innocence of youth and I adore how she soaks it up and discusses it with you. Just wait 'til she's a teen.... and questions EVERYTHING religious. It's fun. Yeah, right!! xx

  2. Oh, that last one is hard. Love the conversations.

    1. I know, caught between the truth and a hard place.

  3. All about the interpretation eh? Love her relief that her friend is safe.

    1. Funny isn't it, and she's not even that friendly with this girl.