Sunday, August 3, 2014

Not A Fancy Wedding

I was hoping to get back to mundane but happier topics with the start of August. I expect I will soon as the end of the war seems to be in sight. The tunnels under Israel that took Hamas 5 years to build and cost them millions of dollars are all but destroyed. I've heard that we are pulling out of Gaza.

Today on fb I saw these photos posted by Lisa Brink.

It looks like a fancy wedding doesn't it? It was in fact the Friday Night Dinner at Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv. The guests were the families of wounded soldiers who were staying in the hospital over Shabbat to be with their sons, husbands, boyfriends, and brothers.

And here are goody parcels to keep them going in between meals.

Sometimes I love Israel even more than I yearn for salt and vinegar crisps.


  1. Despite the ending of the ceasefire today, I really hope that the end of the war is in sight too xx

  2. I'd kinda hoped you had a secret you were keeping from us ;-)
    I too hope the end of this war is in sight :-) xx

  3. Yeah that would be nice. You'll be the first to know.