Thursday, May 12, 2016

Reasons 2B Cheerful - 68 Today!

The State of Israel is 68 years old. A fantastic achievment considering we have been at war and and under attack, both physically and verbally, for most of those 68 years. However, Israel has much to be proud of. The short videos below show some of the inventions and innovations that Israel has given to the world.

Obviously we get a day off. The national pastime on Independence Day - Yom Ha'atzmaut has become barbecue picnics. Since we have gone vegetarian we had pizza and ice-cream instead.

There was an article in the Times Of  Israel celebrating 68 extraordinary women in Israel today. The thing about living in a small country is that I know three of them personally, another two by sight, five of them are among my facebook friends and I've heard of at least 10 of them. That never happened when I lived in London.

And this one makes me cry with pride.

Happy Birthday Israel! xxxx

I'm joining the R2BC linky at Mummy from the Heart.


  1. Wow that is a great set of reasons to be cheerful! Shame you couldn't find 68 ;-)

    1. Funny you should say that. There are articles listing 68 great things about Israel and various fb groups with threads trying to find 68 positive or helpful things relevant to the group like being financially smarter, being a career mum, or places to go in Israel with kids, etc...

    2. Very cool, I imagine it would be a good exercise to do, to get to 68! I know I'd be challenged.

  2. What wonderful reasons to be cheerful -- and as I live in a small country too, I totally get it about knowing, or knowing of, most of the famous women who live here. It's a good feeling, I think :-) xxx

    1. It is a good feeling, like you're really a part of what makes the country run or at least you are conneced to the people who make a difference.

  3. Obviously a small country with a big heart, yes that last video would make me proud too. Mich x