Friday, September 23, 2016

Home - Reasons 2B Cheerful

Lemon Scented Geranium
1 Home
We came home after two weeks in London. As we came through the door DD announced: I'm starting to unpack now. I don't want it to be like last time we went away and the suitcases were sitting around for days waiting for the washing. Lets do it RIGHT NOW!

She got as far as finding her new Monster High dolls at the bottom of the first case and that was the end of unpacking. Two days later and DD's announcement has become a self-fulfilled prophecy. Oh well, it's the weekend.

2 Friends
It felt like the first day of school for DD all over again. However, after I'd seen her across the road she wouldn't let me come in but rather ran off with her friends. After school she went to the park with a friend to walk their dog and back to her friend's apartment afterwards. I didn't see her until 7pm.

3 Family
My nephew is in Jerusalem for his gap year, studying and volunteering. He's been here three weeks already but we left for London a few days after he arrived so we'd not seen him yet. Today he came round (with three weeks' worth of laundry) for lunch and so that DD could boss him around for a couple of hours. At last she has a cousin living nearby!

4 Life
A few weeks ago I wrote about my balcony and how I intend to plant it with cuttings rather than just buying plants from the nursery. My cousin from London visited a few weeks ago and brought me a cutting from a rampant houseplant [her words] of - um - I think she said it's called Lemon Scented Geranium.

Here's the root
Anyway, I put it in water and ten days later we left the country. I'd hoped to plant it before we left but there were no roots growing yet. On our return I was half expecting the water to have evapourated and the plant to be dead. But it wasn't and here is the root.

Tomorrow I shall be pottering about on my balcony. :~)

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  1. Glad your DD has the company of her nephew, but I hope that you showed him where the washing machine is in your home!

    Good luck with the cutting, I'm still looking hopefully at all the gorgeous plants that are creeping over my garden wall and wondering if it's worth trying with them...

    Have a great week xx

    1. He has a laundry service where he's staying but he just hasn't worked it out yet. I don't mind doing a load of laundry for him when he needs it - this was only two loads. It's not like I have to take it down to the river and bash it against the rocks.
      I noticed that the cutting actually had loads more roots this morning. It took a good three weeks to be ready for potting. You should give it a go. I'm going out looking for more soon.
      Thanks and have a good week too. xx

  2. Ohh very satisfying to be rooting yoru own plant from scratch, my Granddad used to do that. I wonder if it will have a nice lemon scent? Mich x

    1. I'll let you know. So far it's still sitting on my kitchen counter.