Friday, October 14, 2016

Just Good Stuff - Reasons 2B Cheerful

A whole village of sukkot between buildings
Remember the frame for this one
A Bevvy of Booths?
The sukkot are sprouting between the buildings and on the balconies. Some have to be finished but they have until Sunday evening to complete them.

A den
The friend who DD disappeared with last week for the whole day, came to our place today.

First they sat at the table and did all their homework for the holiday (we have 11 days holiday for the festival of Sukkot). DD didn't panic at all like she does when I'm helping her with her Hebrew homework - shows how much she doesn't trust me with it. Her friend was a great teacher, making DD read parts of the text and find the answers.

Then they had lunch. And then they disappeared to play in DD's bedroom and I've not seen them since. After 5pm. I offered to take them to the park but they were too busy building a den.

Finally the friend's dad came by on his way to the park with the dog and took them both to run around outside for a while.  And then we're going to friends for dinner. Another great Friday.

This just started growing in this pot.
So I watered it and weeded out the other stuff.
It's a succulent of some sort. I have no idea where it came from. 
A Happy Teacher
Without any interruptions this afternoon I am completely up to date with grading for my online courses. Hooray!

Greenish Fingers
Operation Cuttings is coming along slowly but surely on the balcony. It would be so much easier just to pop down to the nursery and buy a box of plants ready to plant. But that's not the point. I want to grow plants not just arrange them in the pots.

This was a weed in the succulent. I replanted it in its own pot.
I'm waiting to see what happens.
Technically it's no longer a weed.
The Lemon Scented Geranium from London is doing well.
It's next to a dead geranium which isn't.
I'm keeping it in case it comes alive again. 
I think I mentioned that we are now on holiday for 11 days. And for three of those days DD's school afternoon program runs a summer camp for the whole day including two meals. Another hooray!

I managed to keep this gift from a pupil alive all summer.
I managed to keep the pupil alive all year.

Every child at my Kibbutz School went home with a baby something to plant.
I found this one abandoned on the path so I adopted it.
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  1. Not sure what the festival is for but the shelters look amazing. So glad your DD has such a great friend. Well done on the plant and school

    1. Thanks for your comment Becky, it made me realize that I should put some links in to explain the festival. Done.

  2. It's so important to take stock of the good things! Impressed with your green-fingered-ness. I'm the mother who kills to cress egg that her children bring home and am yet to flower a sunflower or a beanstalk.
    Enjoy the holidays x

    1. I'm not doing anything to the plants - just watering them. And the cuttings I just sit in a jar of water and if they sprout baby roots before they die I pot them. If not I throw them away.

  3. Happy holidays, enjoy! Love your little promising garden. I am so terrible with plants and gardening, I am much more ruthless with plants though, I don't give them a chance to come back to life like you! :D

    1. I think my optimism about the dead plants has reached above and beyond what is possible in the real world.

  4. Yaay for friends and cuttings, and I really don't think that you should feel that DD doesn't trust you with the homework, it's just that sometimes these things are easier to do with someone else xx

    1. It's easier to do with someone who's not guessing at what most of the Hebrew means.

  5. As a kid we used to see a lot of Sukkot sprout up on balconies around town but haven't noticed any this year. But a friend lives closer to the part of the city where many more conservative Jewish families live so must ask her if she has seen them - they always rather fascinated me.
    You have quite the complicated weekly schedule with the different work hours and the timing of DD's school days changing from day to day.
    Isn't it interesting how independent she is getting and what kids can get up to when left to their imagination (and when left to themselves)!

    1. After next week things settle down and there are no more holidays until Chanuka which falls over Christmas this year. The days are different but at least the weeks will be the same.