Sunday, December 25, 2016

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like.....

Candles are nearly spent because Rubbish Photographer remembered too late.
Today was the second candle lighting of Hanukkah (don't be confused by the third candle in the middle - that's the taper), And of course it was Christmas Day.

DD was sick last night so she didn't go to school and I was supposed to go to a wedding tonight but I didn't want to leave her so I didn't go to the wedding. My Mum is visiting from London and the three of us hunkered down doing our traditional thing.

I have to say that it was nice not having to go to work on Christmas Day. It's not that we celebrate Christmas, but you know, it's Christmas.

Being two women and a sick child we didn't need a big Christmas dinner. Instead we had a bagel and cream cheese brunch - lest we forget that actually we're Jewish.

After brunch we played Kalooki. Up to 150 points and you can come in once for the highest score. (Those of you who understand what that means will understand. Others won't. It is what it is.) We had to teach DD how to play of course. I told her that she's eight years old and it's about time she knew how to play Kalooki. I may have mentioned something about if she wants to stay in this family....

In the first game she slaughtered us. I'd like to say we let her win to draw her in to the magical web of Kalooki, but actually she just slaughtered us. We don't do, 'let the children win.' It's every man for himself when it comes to cards in our house.

At 5pm (our time) we watched the Queen's speech on Sky News Live. (Although we all know it's not actually live but pre-recorded about a week ago.) I stood for God Save The Queen but the others wouldn't. Mum and I both sang though. DD just looked bemused.

Then we lit the Hanukkah candles, sang some more, and DD had more presents to open. My mother came with rather a lot of presents from herself, cousins, aunts and uncles. We're rationing them. It's an eight-day festival dontcha know.

Then, with a light supper on our knees, we watched Saving Mr Banks on DVD. (Apparently the same film was shown on the BBC tonight too.)

No snow but you can't have everything. It was a lovely Hanumas Chrisukkah Day.


  1. I cooked a Christmas meal of turkey and all the trimmings yesterday for friends who cater to Vegan family members on Christmas day - then this morning I cooked a big breakfast for some friends in the building - and now I'm about to leave for another Christmas dinner! My poor stomach is done - bagels & lox with cream cheese sounds really good about now.
    Fully support your method of learning - there was 5 kids in my family and board & card games could become quite cutthroat! My dad taught us all how to play poker so he'd have people to play with (he loved Texas Hold 'Em) and when he first taught my youngest sister we thought she was getting carried away and was going to learn a hard lesson - seemed she'd grasped the concept of "wild cards" really well and skunked us all!
    Hope DD feels better soon and the three of you have a lovely visit and a good holiday.

    1. You know what they say about books, well the same applies to a pack of cards. You'll never be bored if you've got a pack of cards handy. I hope your stomach gets a light lunch for Boxing Day. Lots of love xxx.

  2. I missed the Queen's speech this year. No snow on Christmas day for us either, today however...