Friday, June 10, 2011

My Karaoke Stand-by

This is a meme started by Liz at The Mum Blog and I was tagged by Jax at Mummy's Little Monkey. Basically it asks you to reveal your Karaoke stand-by. The corny song that you know backwards because you sing it in the shower, whilst driving alone down the motorway, or when you need something uplifting to get you through the hoovering.

This is mine. It's been recorded by many different singers and groups. The second verse seems to have been dropped somewhere along the way, which is a shame as I liked it. It has become somewhat of a hymn or anthem akin to Jerusalem (which I may have chosen except that it doesn't usually appear on karaoke lists. Ditto: I Vow To Thee My Country). I'm a bit of a hymn and ballad person.

I missed this one when Josh Groban first recorded it and sang his way through all the US chat shows. I missed it with West Life. I probably wouldn't know it at all except that my second nephew (the one with the voice) sang it in his primary school choir and brought it home to perform his very own in-the-bath concert.

Now when I hear it on the radio I have to jump around the room punching the air with fisted hands as I sing along with powerful lung and voice action. And then I'm in a great mood for at least the rest of the day.

No specific tags but I would love to hear your hoovering boogying preferences and bathtime ballads.


  1. Great song choice!

    Popping over to say hi from Mummy's Little Monkey blog hop!

  2. Thanks jenny. It's a bit cheesey but it really does raise me up every time.

  3. I've heard lots of different people sing this song, but I really like this version! It's a real 'close your eyes and belt it out' song isn't it?? Thanks for joining in!! xx

  4. Fabulous, I have been tagged for this one too and I am pondering recording my karaoke version for everyone to hide from!

    Mich x

  5. love the song choice, i have been learning the words to sledgehammer from a work Karaoke event. Should remember them soon hopefully :)