Friday, June 15, 2012

#ArtIHeart 13 - Bicycles, Windows and Menus In Chalk

Art I Heart
Share the art you love from your walls, a birthday card, what your child drew at school, that you saw in The National Gallery in London...

1. Choose one piece of art that has a short personal story behind it. It could be something on your wall, something you've seen in a gallery and love, homedrawn, on a postcard, on a birthday card, something by Degas or something by your DS.

2. Take a photograph, scan or download a picture of your picture and post it along with the short story about why you are drawn to it, have it on your wall, bought it, or hate it. Don't forget to link back to the linky so your readers can see the other entries.

3. Link up (it's open till next Thursday, 4pm GMT), leave a comment, et voila!

Here's mine:

The photographs (on postcards) are by Carlos Spaventa and the frames are from Habitat (circa 1985). I had recently fallen in love with art. Mainly French impressionist paintings but also more modern paintings. I was working in my first job after college and I was practically paying them to employ me. There was no way I could afford to actually own any real art and I didn't want posters. Posters were so 'student' and I was planning on becoming a snob one day - as soon as I could afford it.

Meanwhile I discovered Art Postcards. There was a whole section of them in John Lewis, Brent Cross and I started to buy. I'm not sure what I was planning to do with them all but I had quite a collection after a while. And one day I discovered Carlos Spaventa and I fell in love with his photography of Paris. Pretentious? Moi?

Looking at Carlos Spaventa's website today (which, incidently, shows much better pictures than my attempts at photography) I remembered another four of five postcards that I also wanted to display. But I only had the two frames and more than that would have been overkill. I distinctly remember agonising over which postcards to discard and which to include.

Almost 30 years and several homes later, I have the two pieces on my kitchen wall. And I still love them.


  1. Hello ... I am really rather impressed by your varied selection of art. I had a look at the website too - lovely images. And I like where you have placed them in your home ... perfect for the kitchen. That is your kitchen isnt it?

    1. Yes that is my kitchen. And thank you - it's 30 years of collecting and I have white walls so something to put on them is essential.

  2. That's what I love about art. You can find a picture you love, and it can travel with you forever, giving comfort or making somewhere feel like home. I love the fact you've had those postcards 30 years and they're still with you.

    1. I've recently noticed that above the cooker isn't doing them any favours though.