Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Where is my phone?

On Sunday my phone died. It was a Samsung Galaxy Ace so it had had a long and productive life and I was due for an upgrade anyway. As I cannot funtion without a phone, I went out on Sunday afternoon and bought new phone. Not  an expensive super duper phone - a G4 non-Samsung does what it says on the box type of phone. I paid in two installments by cedit card, niether payment having actually left my bank account yet.

Yesterday I took my phone to school and played with it during my free period. I also got some smart-phone tuition from one of the student teachers, she being of the smart phone generation. I noticed how quickly the battery was going down and discovered that I could leave it on 'sleep' mode when not in use, which conserves the battery.

I picked up DD from her school on the way home and when we got home at 4.30 I noticed that my phone was down to 16% of battery life left. I plugged it in. It charged to 100% in about two hours. I then unplugged it and brought it from the bedroom to the shelf by the front door where it usually sits when I'm at home.

I looked at it about an hour later and noticed that while in sleep mode the battery had remained 100% full. The reason I looked at it was that a friend and her daughter were coming for supper and I wanted to check that they'd not been trying to contact me. My friend is visiting from London and we had been communicating via her daughter's phone. As I didn't have the messaging history on this new phone I had no way of contacting them.

I did a frenzied tidy up and clean of my apartment and made supper. My friend arrived at about 7.15 as we'd arranged. We had a lovely couple of hours together. During the evening both of them had their phones out and think I remember a light brown cover (my friend) and a pink phone (her daughter). So it is very unlikely that either of them picked up my phone by mistake thinking it was their own.

When they left at about 9.15, I sat at the table with DD while we finished the homework I'd not had time to help her with before. She went to bed at about 9.30, I tidied up a bit more and sat on the computer for an hour or so. Then I went to bed.

This morning I took DD across the road to school and returned home to drink a cup of coffee and pack my bag for work. I only took my keys and the rubbish bag out and I locked the door behind us.

Packing my bag for work I couldn't find my phone anywhere. I tried calling it from the landline but the call went straight to the answer-phone. I searched and I searched but I simply can't find it. I messaged my friend via fb just to check but I know the phone didn't leave the flat with them. I looked behind furniture that it might have fallen behind. I looked in piles of papers wherever I have piles.

No one came into our house last night, there is nothing else missing, nothing has been rifled through. I must have put it down somewhere and forgotten - but where? I don't live in a big apartment. I am so upset that, even though I'm at college, I can't concentrate on my work. It's a total mystery. How can a phone just disappear? And is it ominous that the calls go to the answer-phone or is that just a function of being in 'sleep' mode?

UPDATE: The secreatary at college sent me home to look for it. I live near the college and had half an hour to search before I have to return to teach. I looked in the fridge and the freezer - I'm not like that but stranger things have happened.

Anyway, I FOUND IT. It was under a cushion on the footstool. I'd been using the cushion to protect my knees from the laptop and then I'd put my laptop in my bag, throwing the cushion onto the footstool - on top of the phone. *sigh* Big thank you to Batsheva at college - you were right.

The phone was lost for 90 minutes in total during which my life fell apart. There's something not right about that.


  1. Phew, you found it. Yes I understand your disconcertment but they become like an extension of us and it's so annoying when we can't phone them to find them because they're in sleep mode!

  2. Oh no, what a shame. It will of course turn up but such a pain in the meantime. Mich x

  3. Did you figure out why you kept going directly to voicemail? Curious minds want to know! :-)

    1. I think when it's on sleep mode - to save the battery - the calls go straight to voicemal.

  4. Glad you found it! I would hate to have to leave the house without a mobile now, I would feel very anxious if I couldn't be contacted (one of my pet peeves about swimming!)

    1. I did feel anxious - like suddenly my daughter's school would need me. But our mothers didn't stay home to sit by the phone all day when we were at school did they?