Friday, April 21, 2017

Reasons 2B Cheerful At Home And Away

I've missed two weeks of Reasons 2B Cheerful as we were away for the Pesach holidays. We were staying with my Mum in London where three of us competed for shared one computer. There was also far too much good television to watch and a whole Daily Mail was delivered to the front door every morning (a real paper one, with no clickbait like they use online).

Anyway, we're back and just as we started to catch up with our lives, a whole load of new stuff was thrown into the mix. I'm reminded of that fridge magnet that says: I try to take one day at a time but sometimes several days all throw themselves at me at once.

Here are some Reasons 2B Cheerful as I battle my way through the 'To Do' list:

The London Duck Titania
We spent two weeks in London with family and friends. As usual we didn't rush around seeing everything but rather had a couple of outings and lots of hanging out. There may have been some clothes shopping involved.

DD and I went on the London Duck. I'd never heard of this tour until I read about it in my 6th graders' English textbook where there is a unit about London. It was a lot of fun. The tour guide was very amusing although the jokes went right over DD's head. As we went into the water however, she started laughing away when he showed us the MI6 building on the South Bank of the Thames.

DD: He's very funny isn't he? Everyone knows spies are only in stories and films. Hilarious.

Into Summer
Summer has officially started. I know this because DD went to school in shorts this morning. That makes it official. There's no going back now. Hot days for five months from now until October. I'm cheerful about it now but of course I'll be yearning for cold weather by the middle of June.

Hanging out at the bar at the photography exhibition

Photography Exhibition
My friend Yael Katz held her first photography exhibition yesterday evening. It was so impressive that it deserves a whole post to itself. Watch this space, it's coming soon.

My friend had her annual visit to her mother's graveside accompanied by close family and friends. After visiting the cemetery on The Mount of Olives, they return to the house for a breakfast. Obviously this isn't the reason to be cheerful but my job is to stay at home and set out the breakfast. And I love preparing food and setting it out. I was singing away to myself as I cut up fruit and vegetables, arranged cheese and dips on platters and chose matching tablecloth and napkins. (S - Sorry for being so happy on your mother's yarhzeit but please think of it as me helping to celebrate her life.)

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  1. I think it is lovely that you take joy in helping your friend and her family celebrate her mothers life. I've seen the duck tours a lot and we keep meaning to go on them. Mich x

    1. Thanks Michelle. The Duck Tour was quite pricey but well worth it - and it included a voucher for a free kid's lunch at Garfunkels afterwards. You can get two vouchers if both adults buy a main course dish.

  2. So glad you enjoyed being back in Blighty! My son has been back in shorts for school for a month ;-) Thanks for joining in now you are home

    1. There's a subtle difference between boys' shorts and girls' shorts. I remember when boys had to wear shorts throughout the year. Glad to be back. Sorry I missed so many R2BC posts.

  3. We have 'Ducks' in Dublin too - they're used for the 'Viking Splash Tour' which involves wearing Viking helmets and roaring at the natives!! As well as a bit of history and a dip in the water. It's good fun, glad your Duck Tour was too...

    1. Funnily enough, I was sitting next to someone at lunch yesterday who told me he's been on Duck Tours all over the world. I hadn't realized it was such a global phenomenon.