Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday Tidbits #44 - The Pesach Holiday

Standing on a London bridge
Possibly Lambeth Bridge
Who knows
Revising for a geometry test at school.

Me: We'll have to look up what these angles are called in Hebrew, I only know right angle, obtuse angle and acute angle.
DD: Really? A cute angle? Awwww!

No bread
On Pesach (Passover) we don't eat bread for a week. There are loads of other rules but this is the main thing. I am trying not to eat bread and DD doesn't like it very much so we often don't have bread in the house for weeks.

Me (to my nephew on the last evening of Pesach): If you weren't coeliac, if I wasn't on a ketogenic diet, and if DD liked bread, we could have sandwiches in 10 minutes. But you are, I am and she doesn't so we're not. And we don't have any bread in the house anyway.
DD: What? We're not allowed bread on Pesach?
Me: No, of course not. That's the main thing about Pesach. Why do you think we're all eating matza instead?
DD; Oh. No one told me. I seem to have missed that piece of information.

On arriving early for our tour on the London Duck.

Me: The London Eye is right here. Maybe we'll go and see if we can get tickets for today.
DD; Oooh yes. I really want to go on the London Eye.
(As we turn the corner and see the London Eye up close.)
DD; It's very big. I do want to go on it but not today. Maybe I'll go on it when I'm 12. Or when I'm 16.

We finished reading Heidi and went on to Heidi Grows Up. In the first chapter Heidi says her prayers and includes the line, "God bless the Grandmother up in heaven."

DD: Wait. Is she dead?
Me: Seems so.
DD: So that's it? They just mention that she died? Just like that? No expressions?
Me: What expressions do you want?
DD: Like if Heidi was sad...if they cried...how did she die...about the funeral.... Not just she's dead and that's it! I hope we get a few more expressions when the Grandfather dies.

DD went to a park in London with Grandma and she made friends with a Muslim girl who was wearing a long black abaya and a black hijab covering her hair, forehead and neck.

Me: Did you ask her why she was dressed like that?
DD: Yes. She told me she was Muslim but I didn't understand what that meant.
Me: Did you tell her that' you're Jewish.
DD: Yes but I don't think she understood what that is.
Me; So what did you talk about?
DD: We found we watch the same You Tube videos.

Talking of You Tube...

DD: You know like when a series ends and you're like, "I'm so sad?" And you're like, "I'll never find another good series," And then you do find one and you're like....
Me: Will you stop saying 'like' for everything. You know when a series ends and you FEEL sad because you THINK you'll never find another good series....
DD: You know when a series ends and you feel so sad and you feel like, I'm allowed to say that, you've lost a friend and you feel like, I'm allowed to say that, almost crying?


  1. 'A cute angle' is absolutely priceless :) Great that you can record all these memories xx

    1. It's actually a good way to remember that it's a small angle. This had never occurred to me before and now that I've thought of it we had to learn that an angle smaller than 90 degrees is called a zavit hadda. Oh well.

  2. I didn't realize that you had gone back to London for the holiday - I hope you had a lovely visit with family.
    1. VERY cute indeed!
    2. I always rather liked Matzos - a friend used to bring extras, along with Gefilte fish o share at lunchtime when I was in school.
    3. You can tell DD that my very grown up friend had the same reaction to the London Eye - we had come up the river from Greenwich on a commuter boat and docked right under the "EYE" - she took one look and said she'd have to think about it - we never returned....
    4. I kind of felt the same way!
    5. Out of the mouths of babes.
    6. "Like" is my pet peeve - it drives me mad when I'm stuck on transit listening to some inane conversations that include "like" as every third word - but these aren't young children - these are supposed grownups in their twenties - both male and female - I despair!

    1. I didn't make a big noise about going to London as I was leaving the flat empty for two weeks so I thought best not to advertise it. I love your methodical comments. Gefilte fish and mazta is classic pesach lunch.