Friday, August 4, 2017

In By Day And Out By Night

Painting on the balcony
We're night owls anyway but even if we were the adventurous types who are always off exploring, this summer has been a killer with temperatures over 30 degrees every day. Luckily in Jerusalem it cools down in the evenings and it's very pleasant to  go out.

This week in the evenings we've been swimming, been to a show, been to a concert, played in the park with friends, and sat on the balcony playing games.

Maths Workbook
But how do we fill our days apart from getting up late? Well I have work to do, meals to provide, shopping to get ingredients for the meals, and housework to do. Other than that I'm happy with a good book. DD's not quite there yet with reading for pleasure though I do make her do some reading every day.

Surprisingly DD has found things to do other than watch dvds and it's been a blessing in disguise that the computer she uses broke at the beginning of the summer. I come into the living room to find her painting, drawing, doing craft projects from boxed sets we had but never used, and from the craft magazine my cousin gave her a few months ago. She does her two pages a day of maths without too much fuss, usually, more or less. OK, there is a bit of fuss.

Craft projects from Girl Talk Art Magazine
My favourite thing is that she has made a whole world on the coffee table and sofa, overflowing onto other small extension tables, out of the dolls' house furniture, figures and models from Playmobil, Lego, Kinder eggs, Sumsums and Shopkins. It provides hours of entertainment. I remember that we used to do the same with the railway set, my brother's cars, Lego and, in emergencies, the airing cupboard hanging sticks to lay out the road system.

It's still annoying that the summer holidays are in the summer when it's too hot to go anywhere, but we're actually quite content to stay at home. You might notice a recurring theme in the photos involving pyjamas. I know, but I'm picking my battles and she does get dressed to go out.


  1. Well, you can tell DD that even grownups like to spend the occasional day in their PJ's as I have had that kind of day and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! :-)

    1. Well yes, me too but not everyday for a month. :)

  2. It's great that you've found a way to survive the heat (over 30 would drive me nuts) and lovely to see that DD is finding creative ways to spend her time xx

    1. Thanks. I'm getting bit worried about how late we are waking up in the morning though. ;P