Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Lotions And Potions

Well not potions, unless you count 35 drops of vitamin D once a week and a supply of Acomoli (Calpol). Yesterday I decided to sort out the combined contents of my dressing table and the top drawer of my chest of drawers in the bedroom and two large bathroom cabinets. Using the KonMari method, I collected everything together and chucked it on the bed. All the lotions, potions, creams, bottles, palettes and tubes, not to mention the brushes and combs, razors and shavers, earbuds, shower caps, old glasses cases, hair accessories, and medicinal items. It looked like this.

Where did all come from? From gifts. From house guests returning abroad who didn't want to schlep unnecessary bulk home with them. From lodgers (we used to have lodgers) who bought themselves large bottles of stuff. From deals, sales, and bogofs in the supermarket that by some mysterious magic, wipe your memory clean of the nine tubes of Colgate you already have in various places around your bedroom, bathrooms, store cupboards and unpacked toiletry bags lurking in various weekend cases.

I was delighted with the tidy drawers and cabinets after my declutter and tidy. I am overjoyed about the fact that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. I love my cleared surfaces. However, I was little surprised and disappointed that the throw away bag only amounted to one plastic supermarket bag. Perhaps if I'd heeded some of the expiry dates I would have got rid of more?

Out went three big plastic traveling soap holders, a soap dish, syringes (without the needles) from when I had to inject myself with hormones during IVF and pregnancy (my daughter is 8 1/2), and a thermometer because DD is old enough to put it under her tongue and this one must surely have been up her bottom at some point. The 600 sachets of single portion creams and lotions collected from magazine ads, free samples, hotel rooms, and boxes of diy hair dye, stayed. I solemnly swear to use every single sachet just as soon as I work my way through some of the half used bottles of goop I already have.

Today after my shower I smothered on the moisturizer. It's a start but there are still foot scrubs, mud masques, deep cleansers, exfoliating gels, toners, and creams for every tiny localized body area, to tackle. I have before sun, during sun, and after sun screens. I try never to go out in the sun - I hate it. My morning grooming routine has lately been shower, brush teeth, brush hair and go. Most days I don't even look in the mirror anymore. My evening routine is just shower and brush teeth. This has to change drastically because I refuse to throw away all that good goop and so it must be used.


  1. Using a sachet a day sounds like a perfect holiday project to me!

    1. I'm trying to work my way through some of the bottles first as they take up more room.