Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday Tidbits #46 - That's Entertainment

Last night we watched Swallows and Amazons. The four children and their mother arrive for their holiday in The Lake District and as the children run off to explore, the mother calls after them, "Dinner is at 6!"

DD then started chatting about the film as is her wont during every film we watch. Even while I'm reading to her she stops me three times a page to discuss something distantly related to the story, or to tell me what she would do if she were in the book.

DD: Do they go back in time?
Me: No it's not about time travel.
DD: But do they go back in time?
Me: No, they go camping and sailing on the lake.
DD: But do they go back in time?
Me: The story is set back in time. It's in 1929. That's 88 years ago, the year before Grandpa was born.
DD: Noooooo, do they go back in time for dinner?

Another night as she was dropping off to sleep she asked, although she already knew the answer, "We're not a wizarding family are we?"
Me: No.
DD: Aww. Too bad.

Listening to Nat King Cole's L.O.V.E. and hearing the lyric: Love is more than just a game for two...
DD's response: "That's true. Supposing you have three children. You love them all, right? So love isn't just a game for two, it's a game for as many people as you've got in your family."

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