Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Last Weekend Of The Long Summer Break

DD at the wedding

Last weekend we went to one of my favourite places in the world - the kibbutz where my friends live. On Thursday night one of my friends made a wedding for her daughter. Like in July, a number of old friends from around the country came and we had another mini-reunion.

Away on the back of a tractor

It's an old kibbutz tradition that the bride and groom are driven away on the back of a tractor after the chupah (the wedding canopy where they make their vows) and before the party. It's not done much anymore and I actually don't remember seeing it before. It was sweet.

We stayed after the wedding and Friday saw us in the pool with another friend's daughter and granddaughter.

And then Shabbat. Relaxing as always. Too much food. Lots of games of backgammon. I finished a book. DD fell in love with the dog (when you're grown up and have your own home you can have a dog if you still want one....), and we came home ready to face the final week of the summer holiday.

Just idyllic


  1. What a wonderful way to end the summer! And DD looks beautiful - very grown up.

    I was at a 60th birthday party gathering this afternoon and everyone was talking about how quickly these past few weeks have flown by! The kids go back to school on Sept. 5th after Labour Day - next weekend - so this week will be a busy one for everyone.

    1. Yes, she suddenly started looking more grown up. I don't know when that happened exactly. We go back o Friday 1st September but I have until Sunday as I don't work on Fridays.