Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas Said Nobody

Here's one enormous Christmas tree we saw in London (Kew Gardens)
The Irony is that I live not more than 10 minutes drive from Bethlehem. I've got used to the working week starting on a Sunday although I can't pretend to like it.

Anyhoo, I will never ever get used to having to go to work on Christmas Day. Never. Even if my celebrations are just watching the telly, including the Queen's speech and a good film or two, and drinking a glass of wine. I just watched the Queen on You Tube but it's not the same after a day at work and work again tomorrow.

I know that many people work on Christmas Day even in the UK, but the workers who have to work, bring the Christmas spirit with them. We flew back from London yesterday on Christmas Eve and the Easyjet cabin crew were all wearing Christmas jumpers. It made me smile.

Then we landed in Tel Aviv, took a shared taxi back to Jerusalem, went to bed by 7 pm as we'd been up since 3 am, and ne'er a thought to Santa, stockings hanging over an open radiator, mince pies or nuffing! I did get a Whatsapp invitation to a carol service but we were already on our way to bed. There is Christmas in Jerusalem but you have to know where to find it and make the effort to go there. It's not everywhere like it is in other places.

This morning it was raining with big gray clouds promising more of the same all day. I went to my religiously Jewish school to teach. I quietly wished one of the other English teachers a Merry Christmas and she took it to be a joke. It was of course a joke, but I wished it weren't.

It was hard leaving all that Christmas festivity behind in London. It's silly really as we had a week of equally festive lights, songs, parties and  presents only the week before for Hanukkah. But going to work on Christmas Day just feels wrong and I don't like it.

Next year I'm doing it! We won't be travelling back from London the day before so I'll have more time to plan it. Of course it'll be a Yuletide celebration with the decorated tree symbolizing the rebirth of nature after the winter solstice, or something. And I might have to take a day off, possibly a sick day. Or maybe we can do it next week for the New Year. Woops, I think I've just blown the sick day option. I'll have to sleep on this one and get back to you.

Meanwhile, I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and made the Yuletide gay, and that from now on your troubles will be on their way. (I didn't make that up, I heard it from Judy Garland during a past and altogether more festive Christmas.)


  1. I did wonder if you were in London when you hadn't posted for a bit. Glad you both had a wonderful time.
    I have enjoyed Christmas more and more the past few years as I have scaled back on things. Most of my friends and I now exchange only consumables, or perhaps experiences rather than "stuff" and I concentrate on seeing people and enjoying their company. Family all live far away and we aren't close so friends are now "family". I went to church yesterday and a friend's for Christmas Eve dinner and then had friends to brunch this morning - and yes - I did watch the Queen'sChristmas message. I will also be watching the Dr. Who Christmas special this evening - also a tradition!
    I hope you and DD have a wonderful time at New Year - and that you've had the chance to rest up after all that travelling!

    1. I had a conversation with people about how nobody wants more 'stuff' anymore. However, I did get some lovely presents over Hanukkah (and a bit of 'stuff' as well). Your Christmas sounds lovely with friends. We are still a bit uncaughtup with sleep and routine but getting back into it. Lots of love xxx