Monday, January 13, 2020

Pondering In Decreasing Lines

One of the lucky ones.
On the way to Kew Gardens we approached the river via Brentford. The overwhelming opinion in the car was: why on earth did we all buy those awful nylon sheets in the 1970s? (Remember Brentford Nylons!?) FYI, the conclusion we came to was that in the 1960s our sheets were sent out to be laundered every week. The nylon sheets didn't need ironing so it was a big saving in either money or time. I'm not quite sure what happened since as we now use cotton sheets that certainly don't get ironed and they're fine. Maybe it's the polyester? Who knows?

On the way home from Kew, and just outside the gardens, we went round a large roundabout - I think they call it a gyratory system - with lots of trees on it. I felt so sorry for those trees for if the boundaries of the land donated to the gardens had been just slightly different, these trees too would be in the beautiful Kew Gardens instead of in the middle of a noisy and polluted gyratory roundabout. It seems there's a location lottery for trees just as there is for people.

After all the decluttering (>1500 items out), if I had to stay sealed in my home with no internet, would I still have enough reading material to last a couple of years? I think the answer is yes, however I'd die of starvation long before I ran out of books. A more pertinent question is do I have enough clutter left to get rid of another 1500 items. I think the answer is sadly, also yes.

We passed a load of rubbish accumulating in the street around the base of a tree. It was old cigarette boxes and other wrappers wantonly disgarded. DD was shocked: "Well that's a serious amount of pollutination!" I think we have a new family word. 😁

Why is it that every film I look for on Netflix appears on that list of films they don't have but here are a load of other random films I have no interest in, that you might like instead?

I've been awol and even considered giving up blogging. But I can't. I love my blog.


  1. I'm glad you decided not to give up!

  2. Im so glad that you have decided to continue with your blog. On checking back regularly there was no posting and I was beginning to give up hope. Those awful nylon sheets! My mother in law had them. Do you remember that they caught on toe nails? Even un-ironed cotton sheets are so much better. The old days were not always better!

    1. I remember the muted colours and the static electricity, and snagging mu toenails. Ugh! And thank you. xxx

  3. Welcome back! Newly married and sooo excited with my little stash of nylon bedding, bright purple stripes hahaha. The sheets have made good furniture decorating covers and the pillow cases are sleeping bag bags so 46 years later still here.