Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let the Fashion Wars begin!

Foreword: We have everyday shoes for going to nursery and playing in the park. We have best shoes for Shabbat (Saturday), parties and other special occasions.
Everday shoes sitting at home

Best shoes going to nursery
Round one: DD 1 - Mummy 0
Silent Sunday

This post was originally composed for Silent Sunday (before I knew the rules about one photo and no words) but I've resurected for the Gallery (8/9/11) over at Sticky Fingers, in which this week's theme is 'shoes'. How could I not?


  1. Haha! I get a feeling that she is going to win this one time and time again.. ;-)

  2. I remember being so obsessed with shoes as a child (possibly I still I am).
    great post

  3. Thanks for the comments. DD really loves those best shoes. On the way home from nursery she kept lifting her feet up in the buggy to admire them in her beloved shoes.