Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Own FashionABLE Scarf

A few weeks ago I went to Ethiopia with Michelle of Mummy From The Heart. Well, ok then, I didn't actually go to Ethiopia in person. Michelle went in person with the #ONEMums ( #ONEMoms ) mission organised by and I hitched a virtual ride with Michelle. Through her blogs, tweets and sound clouds, I learned enough about what's going on there to write these posts:

My #ONEMums (#ONEMoms) posts:
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FashionABLE - A Different Opportunity
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#ONEMums - No Misery Trip

One of my favourite posts was this one about FashionABLE. And now I have my very own FashionABLE scarf that Michelle sent me as a gift. Mine was made by Etanesh and you can read her story here.  How cool is that to know the person who made your scarf? Thanks Michelle, I shall wear it with pride.

The old arm-extended self photography
My FashionABLE scarf
A message from Etanesh


  1. That's a wonderful thing to own. We have a basket handwoven by a family we sponsor in Uganda. They live in a mud hut and have nothing yet they mustered the time and resources to make us that. It's one of my most treasured possessions.

    1. So true that it's rarely the monetary value of a possession that makes it special but rather the sentiment behind it.

  2. That's beautiful - although the more lovely to know who has actually made it - and it's so finely woven.

  3. Lovely scarf - great modelling skills always nice to see you.
    and what a fab gift from Michelle - you deserve it - wear it with pride!

  4. Thank you Gemma, I certainly will. So what are my chances of making as a model do you think?

  5. Thanks for sharing a photo of you and your beautiful new fashionABLE scarf. So beautiful, both!

    1. Thanks Jeannine, I'm very proud to have such a meaningful item in my wardrobe.

  6. Blogger must have eaten my comment as I left one the other day! You look beautiful in the scarf and fully deserve it. Once again, thanks so much, Mich x