Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits 2

DD: When there's lots of sunshine it's summer, you're right?
Me: You're right.
DD: Then it will be hot, you're right?
Me: You're right.
DD: And then we can have an ice-cream, you're right?
Me: You're right.
DD: Yes, you're right.

Babysitter: Close your eyes and go to sleep.
DD: I can't go to sleep, my eyes keep popping open.

DD: I'm hungry.
Me: You can have an apple.
DD: No I'm hungry for something else.
Me: A sandwich?
DD: No I'm just only hungry for some chocolate.

DD: Cold me.
Me: I'm cold, not cold me.
DD: No, you're not cold, cold me.
Me: I know, so you say I'm cold, not cold me.
DD: Why you keep saying that?
Me: Never mind.
DD: Cold me.
*Cold me is a direct translation from the Hebrew.

DD: Can I have that? (pointing to anything in any shop)
Me: No.
DD: When I'm bigger can I have that?
Me: When you're bigger.
DD: I am bigger....so can I have it? I'm already bigger.
Me: No.

DD: I want a big cuddle on your lap.
Me: Come on then..... Oooh I love you. You're my best girl in the world.
DD: You're my best girl in the world.


  1. Replies
    1. Hysterical, I'm always trying not to laugh.

  2. Just lovely! Al little girls love chocolate - the devils food - and that last one just made me melt! X.

  3. Magic :) and well done you for writing them down before they are forgotten.

    1. And even knowing that I have this post coming up - there are so many gems I forget.

  4. Love these!
    We have the exact same number 6 as you do. and our version of number 3 is "I'm only hungry for something little" (meaning something from her container of chocolate/sweets stash)